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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 30

Assaults to my Senses

Whassup! I woke up bright and early today with a couple things on my mind and my to do list. I already am coing into the day feeling good two more pounds lost and that makes a total of 5 in three weeks. I know, not quite an infomercial, but I think that's good - almost 8 inches - which is real good. Check out the Diet Blog (link to the left) to catch up with that portion of my life. So anyay, let me get it started.

Eviction Day

Before I begin this entry let me first say "MY HOUSE AIN'T NASTY!" I live in Georgia, low to the ground and surrounded by damn near jungle bush, lol lol All kinds of things share this space with me, especially when it rains but this morning was Eviction Day for two particular borders that HAVE GOT TO GET THE HELL ON!!

They started appearing in force after the last bout of rain when it rained every evening for a week or so. Seeing at "Katrina" might be blowing chunks this way the first part of the week, I needed to get this taken care of, so no invitation of a safe haven can be sent out. I don't care about the crickets or the spiders they take care of each other, but these bad boys are a nuisance. Especially because they come in to EAT! I noticed them in my cabinets how, because Waterbugs are some shitters!! WTF?! I was like Aww Hell Naw!! so I was up at 7:30 this morning with my gloves and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It was of course a good time to clean out all the cabinets in general. I threw away alot of stuff, I wasn't going to eat - old cereal etc. etc. I also reinforced the closure of a couple of boxes and basically wrapped my entire cabinet in saran wrap and freezer bags,lol.

I am happy to say "This House Is Clean" though I need to go do something around the outside of the house.

Um, No I don't want to Date a woman?

This might just be me, but when did bi-sexuality among black women become the new hetrosexual. I mean is it like in the movie Jurrasic Park - where they made all male dinosaurs and biology took over and created females so the dinosaurs could procreate? Meaning, the so-called shortage of men, have turned some women back on themselves? LOL WTH?! I mean nowadays, if you are not bi-sexual alot of brothas won't even TALK to you. They mention stuff like threesomes and do you get down with women,as easy as inquring as to what your phone number is? The strip clubs here are filled with women - lusting after other women. The halls of our middle and highschools are filled with young women all hugged up in the halls. According to a very reliable source, straight girls have to wear some form of pink in some Highschools which is an indicator that they are straight. WTF?! Maybe I'm missing a money making opportunity - T-shirts perhaps? "I'm Straight and loving it" any ideas? I ain't knocking the 'circumstance' of being bi-sexual, but this is a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. Some sort of 'new style' that doesn't make any sense, making us look like we have absolutely no control over our sexuality and taking away from the stance and cause of those that are. Whateva Ma! I am strictly chocolate dickly - so don't even go there, and bros. the quickest way to lose my attention is to step to me with that much disrespect.

I May Be Black..I May Be Ugly..But I'm Here God!

You know this blogging thing is the first time my interest has been genuinely peeked concerning blacks on the net in awhile. I am amazed and amused with how many different black voices open up daily/weekly/monthly to the delight of my senses to let me and the rest of the world know what's up? It reminds me of one of the many quotes Celie Gave in "The Color Purple" cause we in the house, yah heard? I want to take a moment to list here - some of my very favorites (in no particular order) and to just give some shout-outs to some peeps,and to thank those that come over and show me love as well. I know they are listed over to the left but I wanted to list some of them out here.


and yes, I read all of these daily and a few others that don't post as frequently. so take a moment to check them out; give em some comments and let em know you digging them.

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