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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sunset Monologue 77

Brotha Can You Spare....

Some GAS?! Whew Lawd! Katrina is being felt near and wide. We all have seen the images and read the press, boards, blogs etc. so I won't expound on that. As a matter of fact - I'm just frazzled! I've had to have some sugar to comfort me and of course some muscadines. I just had to wrap myself in some comfort, lol.

Timeline of my gas hell

I got my gas at 4:15pm and I only needed a quarter tank and it was $9.15! I typically with just going to work and coming home, use 1/2 a tank a week. Seeing as that's what I'll be doing indefinately - I hopefully should be okay.

So many emotions

I could go on and on with long diatribes about all the ramifications of the storm etc. etc. but I'll leave that to the newscasters and the political bloggers :) I think what touched me was the fact that it made you seriously (or I would hope)consider your place and space on this earth. I have political issues, racial issues, monetary issues and human issues I am sorting thru, like I suppose others are as well. I think the feeling of as the water recedes the tragedy will become overwelming is what is frightening alot of us....and we should be frightened.

A Couple of Epiphanies

Always thinking..Always examining...

Dateless in Atlanta

I am hitting my stride of being on haitus. What's interesting is it's not about 'withdrawing' from men - never do that,lol but about stepping away from the rigors, bullshit and ambience of the 'method' of dating. I stand on the soapbox quite a bit, but that's because when I'm not on it, I usually am somewhere in the vacinity. Whenever I get to far away from who I am - my reflection gets blurry and I HAVE to get the windex. One thing about me is that I want to NEVER lose sight of me. I don't have to conform to anyone's vision of me but my own and it might not be who people want me to be or even comprehensible to others - but isn't that what makes 'you' so beautiful, lol

All of the men I've known thru this medium have fallen by the wayside which is certainly indicative of where they were to begin with - - right on the curb, lol lol Only a few, I speak to casually and my phone is silent, but that frees up the frequency for those that are really about me. Sometimes you think attention equals affection when (especially if you are using this medium the internet) it just means passing fancy. I don't want to be known as a passing fancy.

'Mobetta' and I have connected and he keeps my cerebral cup full. Unlike before, I know when to put him on the shelf and so far, I don't take him to bed with me, if you know what I mean. He's where he's at. I haven't slipped down that slippery slope as of yet - I have looked over the edge and the valley looks so good - lush grass, waterfalls, trees heavy with fruit - - but I know all about the I just peek.

I actually haven't really even thought about opening up the application process at this time. I do however have some future blog ideas about the whole thing, lol so when I do stayed tuned!

Pretty Ricky What They Call Him

I was so entranced with this picture - I had to 'lift' it from Rod (or at least I think I got it from him). What a vision of artistic loveliest. This is the cover of a new magazine devoted to the ballroom scene in NY. I am having a hard time finding the link on his blog to the story - but if I do I will share!


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