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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 36


Housing Available in SC for two Black Katrina Survivor Families

Available: 3 bedroom/1 bath and 2 bedroom/1 bath for Katrina Survivors

Any families who would be interested in relocating to Greenville, SC and receiving free housing for a few months, please contact

They will be offering a home, furnished with everything they will need to feel safe and secure and will be covering utilities for a couple of months. If needed, transportation can be arranged. Again, please contact Thanks!

All About Yahoo

I have used Yahoo for at minimum 5 years now. It's the way I organize my internet life - it's homebase. There's some good and bad and sometimes they get a bit busy and I want to tell them - 'you doing to much' Take for example Yahoo 360 - what the hell is this for? When I got the note - I was like okay something new. But basically it's linking folks to you and having some sorta cumbahyah revivial on the net. You know there are pyramid levels. You first add all the people on your IM list - then they add their friends and so on and so on. You can share photos, blog,provide links and feeds and give reviews on things etc. etc. At first I was like okay - but then I began to realize. Homebase is not where I kick my feet up. I don't know half the people on my 360 and they don't know me. It's not like we COMMUNICATE. I also was going to mini-blog about the diet over there but quite frankly that was boring as hell, lol So I stopped that and put a link to me over here. I like this blogging community much better. Something else I discovered, which I kinda knew but had lost touch with - freakism is alive and well on Yahoo, lol lol WTH?! I have seen more plus size ass than I EVER want to see PERIOD!! I tell yah Freedom of speech (and expression) should come with a disclaimer. I always find it interesting that if you say something - then the flag of freedom starts to wave and the people get offended, if in fact, you are comfortable with showing your ass cheeks on the net - then no explanation is needed - when you start to explain it makes me think that you have taken something someone has said to heart. Now maybe it's just the circle I got connected to (HS) - but nah I think I'll pass. My 360 is now a link to my blog and just a big ole profile.

Now I am LOVING the new Yahoo Messenger but I would like the $10/month rumor to stop being IM'ed to me, lol It has it going on and I always laugh when I'm like 'who is calling me from the computer' If you have NOT gotten up to date - man/woman what's taking you so long.

Now they have a new 'gimmick' which I actually thought they had read my personal diaries, lol Can Love Survive Separation? Watch three real couples, separated by college - try to keep their love together using nothing but yahoo. Now to me they should have gotten grown folks to do this - college kids aren't gonna make it anyway, but I'll be peeking in.

Need some Katrina Diversion?

Need to get away from CNN and all the Katrina coverage on the net - well how about giving Little Kim a whole new look? or prepping Fifty out? go to and have fun!

Press Picture of the Week

George: Ever Heard the story of Picking Cotton
Barbara: George, can I pleasssse have this nigglet here?

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