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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 34

Happy Labor Day!

It seems like such a quiet day. Maybe because everyone is wore out and are sleeping in. I have already washed a load of clothes, finished my tri-colored pasta salad for a BBQ I was invited to and spoken on the phone a couple of times. Yesterday was leave Katrina Alone day - we went to the movies to see Transporter 2 (a good ass whipping certainly can take your mind off things) and had a nice low-carb dinner at Applebee's and got some fall/winter pocketbooks(I'm glad that mini-me likes pocketbooks and boots as much as me, lol). Well let me start this special Monday Edition all about the men, lol

Sooo...Tell Me All About It

I like to think I know alot of people and I like to think that in the course of my travels I have imparted some wisdom as well. I always say some of the most interesting things happen to me and here is one of them. I have met wayy more than the law probably allows of men on the net. When I say 'meet' I don't necessarily mean in person, but have ran across had conversation with etc. etc. I'm easily approachable (I think) so I get into conversations with alot of them. Some I might end up meeting offline but most I don't. Sometimes the goal is romantic in nature but sometimes you just meet cool people. Well out of the ones I've developed online friendships with - outside of the beginning flirting etc. something else happens. They begin to come to me for 'advice' or even 'counseling' about dating out here in the world.

Whaaaaa?! I'm not your 'type' to date, but I can be of service to help you date others? Yea at first that was the stance I took, but then it became clear - we all need someone to bounce the nonsense off of and I should take a bit of pride in the fact that overall, I'm cool enough for people to open up to. It also gives me a birdseye view of the scene from someone else's eyes and I can tweek my own program accordingly.

I get sometimes two IM's a day with "let me tell you what happened when I met so and so" or just random conversation about the plight of blackmen and women. I would never divulge their conversations - but sometimes I look at the screen like "she should have ran" and sometimes you just wanna give a hug you know. One thing for sure, the 'rumor's about dating black women in Atlanta, as far as I'm concerned for the select this applies to is true and another revelation - we all got ISSUES!

Tales of the Rolodex

How long do you keep numbers of people you've had encounters with? I am a packrat and so I have pretty much all the numbers that I receive. Now they are not in my phone or anything, but I keep them on file. My little black book is THICKS and it's got some numbers for yah - including stats etc. etc. When you do dating on the net - you have to keep track of these types of things, lol.

Now I am not one to go thru the 'rolodex' and start calling people out the blue. I just don't do that. As a matter of fact, I have gotten quite bad about phones in general. I just don't call men anymore - when you call enough and your nature is not to be the aggressor, you eventually just lose interest in that portion of dating. I don't lie about my number or give out fake ones - so you know how to reach me.

I received an IM the other day from someone I went to have coffee with. We haven't spoken in awhile as I came away from the meeting thinking they wern't interested. There was a followup IM etc. but then that drifted away and I went on about my business and supppose he did as well. Well he was back and after some pleasantries came "Well what are you doing?" I replied, "Nothing" and then the conversation became very obvious with the person trying to invite themselves over to my home. "You want some Company?" As I stared at the screen, first trying to remember the persons name (though I remember all the details) I found it quite absurd and insulting that a person would even approach me that way. Bored and running thru their IM rolodex and stopping at my name and deciding I was doable if I was down. I politely declined and went on to what else I was doing. Negro please! The crazy part - I'm sure he found someone who wanted some company.


As we know I've joked about my being out of commission for awhile. Got tired of the whole dog and pony show and just wanted to chill. I have a couple of entries on here, mapping out the who what when and why's and getting back center, spending time with mini-me and saving that babysitting money. I also have made it plain that I was not giving up on my brothas - just stepping back into my place.

Phone ringing at about 10 something in the evening the other day. No message, so I ring back and ask did someone just call. It's a person I 'met' briefly - who approached me (who approached who is important. We met when I was in the process of shutting the door on the whole kit and kaboodle - so the conversation was janky etc. I read his profile and flags were raised about some things and since I definately am trying to listen and follow directions when it comes to this dating thing and not hear what I wanna hear - why waste 'our' time. The conversation last evening however, especially since my mind was back clear, went well. A little broken as I try to figure out what the deal is and is this another situation like previously mentioned. Actually it wasn't, it was quite an innocent call and I enjoyed it. We've spoken a couple more times and I find myself intrigued and I haven't been honestly intrigued since wayyy before the haitus. I no longer get excited about anyone - that was beat out of me,lol He counts as a previously submitted resume, so reviewing is within the 'rules' of my haitus.

It's been a 30 day fast and so I feel clear headed, light on my feet and somewhat excited about life again. Now I've also imposed a 'social' haitus and I'll be coming up out of that today by going to this BBQ, so who knows what might develop as I get out my 'party' dress, fix up my face and start making the rounds again in that portion of my life.

A Dream

'A Dream a simple fantasy that I wish were reality' - a song by Debarge. I was singing this in the car the other day, because yea I think I can sing and I think I can sing like Bunny Debarge, lol. Sometimes, when the way you deal is to surround yourself with fantasy - you need some reality checks and balances. The second scenario above did just that for me. Dreams have their place, but the crap shoot necessary to make them come true - is just that a dream. I enjoy living S.O.B.E.R.
(Son ofa Bitch Everythings Real)(thanks Gary Busey!). So I'll indulge myself in the dream because I don't like nightmares,but I think I'll keep on exploring real life.

In Recognition of Rolodexes

Went back thru mines and pulled up an old Baby Daddy. Lawd Have Mercy!


Gotta Shake It Off - The Conclusion

Score one for the Gipper! Playing field exactly like it was before, but this player is rocking a new uniform. Carry on until the next game.

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