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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 32

Humor, Revolution, Thought

Hey it's the only way to stay sane in these present times. The message boards are messaging, the blogs are blogging and the dialogue is all over the place. I wanna give some shout-outs to the City of Atlanta and all that they have done. We came out in force. I don't care for Frank Ski 98% of the time but V-103 got down. Amazing, how other states got organized and came together and nothing happen here.....

Laughing to Keep from Crying

The Revolution Might Just Be Televised

Well Kanye West took a photo op to a whole new level and blasted the President on National TV. There is a divide on (1) what he said and (2) the validity of it. Hey - The youth stumble with no sound leaders to guide them. He was emotional and he got a case of Tourette's. Seeing as white folks get it all the time - good for him on that principal. We haven't been made uncomfortable on our own soil in a long long time.

Now I sure hope he got ALL his business in order from taxes to purchases cause they started looking over his shit last nite.

Welcome to the Terror Dome!

If I find the actual song (if it's come out yet) I'll follow up on this.


New Orleans in the morning, afternoon, and night
Hell NO, we Aint Allright

Now all these press conferences
breakin news alerts
this just in
while your government looks
for a war to win
flames from the blame game, names?
where do i begin?
walls closin in
get some help to my kin
Who cares?
while the rest of the bushnation stares
as the drama unfolds
as we the people under the stares
50% of this son of a bush nation
is like hatin on haiti
an settin up assasinations
ask Pat Robertson- quiz him.....
...smells like terrorism.
racism in the news
still one sided news
saying whites find food
prey for the national guard ready to shoot
cause them blacks loot

New Orleans in the morning, afternoon, and night
Hell NO, we Aint Allright

Fires , earthquakes, tsunamis
i dont mean to scare
wasnt this written somewhere?
disgraces all i see is black faces
moved out to all these places
emergency state
corpses, alligators and snakes
big difference
between this haze
and them diamonds on the VMAs
we better look
whats really important
under this sun
especially if you over 21
this aint no tv show
this aint no video
this is really real
beyond them same ol 'keep it real'
quotes from them Tv stars drivin big rim cars
'streets be floodin, 'b'
no matter where you at, no gas
driving is a luxury
state of emergency
shows somebodys government
is far from reality....

New Orleans in the morning, afternoon, and night
Hell NO, we Aint Allright

I see here we be the new faces of refugees
who aint even overseas but here on our knees
forget the plasma TV-aint no electricity
new worlds upside down-and out of order
shelter? food? wsssup, wheres the water?
no answers from disaster them masses hurtin
so who the fk we call?--Halliburton?
son of a bush, how you gonna trust that cat?
to fix sht
when help is stuck in Iraq?
makin war plans takin more stands
in Afganistan
2000 soldiers dyin in the sand
but thats over there, right?
now what's over here
is a noise so loud
that some cant hear
but on TV i can see
bunches of people
lookin just like me..

Chuck D/ Public Enemy September 2 2005
Terrordome Music Publishing, LLC. (BMI), administered by Reach Global, Inc

A Taste of the Past

As I looked at all the images and the people and listen to the stories; I got to thinking which is sometimes too much for me, lol. All of a sudden the images in my mind are transporting me back to......slavery. On a smaller scale is this how it happened. The Convention Center and Superdome is that what the middle passage was like? The break up of our families, the demasculation of our men as they watch their women and babies starve. Having to get out and walk and leave everything you have ever known; coming to a new 'country'. Really makes you think.

The Trickle Down

Looking outside the immediate spectrum of Katrina. To the rest of us. In looking around and speaking to many and all the little groups both on and off line. There's gonna be other things happening. The Divide of the "Field" and "House" Negro. The Poor and the Middle Class; The Have and the Have Nots; What's on our mind and what's not on our minds. Reanalyzation (is THAT a word, lol) of what we chasing and what we are trying to prove - OR IT'S GOING TO BE BUSINESS AS USUAL. I am eager to see how it's going to play out as well as how I'm going to play it out. I am looking at people I've known for a long time - in a different light & been pleasantly surprised by others. Will this be a catalyst for some real intro and outro spective? We shall see.

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