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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sunset Monologue 78

A Mini-Metastikal Blog Entry

Sorry, no Katrina here this evening. I have analyzed, watched, looked and listened enough for today. I can't do no mo Katrina right now. The only thing I will say is that out of all of this 'Monday Morning Quarterbacking' we all doing on the net - oh we got all the answers for a negro - if you have not done SOMETHING to help all these black people then you a Hyprocrite of the worst kind in my book. Can't sit on the net with upraised fists and front on that level. I can respect yah more if you just say "I don't care".

So tonite it's all about Mini-Me!

Mini It?

Nah just Mini-me bent over at the waist right after she got her hair washed. Yes I have to wash that mess and it's at least an hour project!

Middle School So Far

Well we both are on new schedules, meeting new people, following new rules and so far it's been pretty smooth sailing. I've been to an open house, a PTA and the Parent Center. I've walked every hall in that building. The first day I walked her in and now she just hops off the before care bus and goes on in. I am picking her up, and she takes her time coming out the building. It still is very obvious who is in the sixth grade - they look like little lost puppies, lol lol.

She has met a couple of little girls, who's parents I've already met at Open House. As well as apparently I've turned into an ATM MACHINE at a MAJOR BANK!

Mom You Got $1500?

I'm playing the Viola - um what the hell is a viola? Well it's a little bigger than a violin. $1500 to purchase with an additional $250 for the bow! She's taking Orchestra and that's her instrument. I looked at her like she had grown two heads. Negro please! We are going to rent. I found a place and will be getting one for $13/month.

So You think You Can Dance?

She is trying out for the dance squad at school. There is a five day dance camp and then auditions and they should know next Thursday. 'Paula Abdul' got in the car the first day highly upset that she was the lead nor the choreographer,lol She was NOT happy! I've explained to her all about her chances and whatnot but she don't wanna hear any of that. I don't blame her. It's my job to keep her anchored in reality but it's her duty to soar in the clouds, lol lol. She has the dance down and her one minute routine. IF she makes the squad, she'll dance at the games and what not. THAT costs $250!

My Summer Job is going to be a lifeguard one day

So I can blow the whistle and go get me a soda while they sit on the side of the pool. Well that entails a trip to join the Y, so she can swim twice a week, with hopes of getting on the swim team. I don't swim so the fact she can is great! She is signed up as a guppy - which is intermediate. She wants to learn how to dive and it's great exercise. I wish the Y wasn't more expensive than damn Bally's so I could sign up and work out. That $70 a month has to go to GAS! Her membership is only $8.00 a month.

They Lost Everything

A box of toys is sitting by the door to give to the Katrina victims. She had to pick them out herself and after appearing with a doll with a broken arm and me looking at her as if she stole something - she came back with things more appropriately. Humility has to be taught.

and FINALLY....

A mishap in the shower brought out my Angela Davis! I like it so I got out my big earrings, made up my face and hit the streets. I'll rock this natural look till hairdresser time. It's just the Gemini in me,lol

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