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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 46

Clutch the pearls, I’m multi-orgasmic and my left leg was twitching last nite! The VH-1 Honors were Class A Off tha chain last evening. I know I’m checking in late (as evidenced by my full email account) – but I was worn out and needed my rest, lol.

If you want to see all these performances go here and click on performances - included is a performance by David Banner - the multiple orgasms continue!

First top of the line:

I’m a fan, it’s one of my personality traits – I like celebrity and all its trappings; so an opportunity to go back in time had me all giddy. Like I stated, I moved the cocktail table and mini-me said “I’m going in my room and close the door so I won’t get traumatized” LOL. Got me a cool drink and lined up all my phones and the DVR remote by my side and strapped in to take this ride.

Vh-1 should be age restricted with your birthday having to come no later than 1975, lol lol They have their finger on the main vein of what people like me want to see and this was it. They also have the better employee base from Viacom in terms of planning live or live to tape shows (the worst of course on that OTHER network for Black People and it ain’t TV-One) – but I digress.

There’s something about performers – they are never to far from trying to perform, and that was to our benefit last nite. All the ‘honorees’ performed and brought it in varying degrees. Rappers seem to be aging well. Is it because the early ones were against type and popular culture. I want to see what the ‘glam rappers’ look like in 20 years. They all so ‘pretty’ now – I needs my rappers rough around the edges, lol lol having been the one that got beat up and not the one who was on the corner watching, lol

Hosted by Reverend Run and his older Bro. Russell (who did much better in the pre-taped monologues than the actual reading of the teleprompter) – it was a nite to pay homage to some more of the founders of rap and yet another “I really did love him” tribute to Biggie by Diddy.

So now let’s get to the performers of interest –

Michael Jackson needs to call LL Immediately and debrief about the benefits of the oxygen chamber, because brotha man is obviously sleeping in that bad boy (yes you can take this Pam rumor and run with it, lol) The man looooookeed Jood, which is one step beyond good. It was as if a prism image of him was on the stage – cause he certainly couldn’t look the exact same as he looked at 16, lol All I needed was some mayo and I would have had me a Nelly LL Sandwich! Nelly formerly revealed all his workouts lifting Ashanti and they have paid off! He paid a fitting tribute (reincarnation) down to the shark fin. One Two Steppin Past Ciara.

Hey DJ won’t you play my song; I love Dj’ing, now there’s a skill that showcases the inventive nature of the Blackman and it was displayed in perfect form last nite. This go round on the tables was better than last years in my opinion.

I’ll admit, I’m not really focused so here’s a mind dump (now how’s that for in your face blogging, lol)

JD’s head is big as hell, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five are the GRANDFATHERS of rap, LL knowing all the words to everyone’s songs was impressive and he LOOKED GOOD (ok ok I’ll let it go), Queen Latifah was looking slightly ‘Cleoish’ last nite. Ice-T kept it gangsta, Ice-cube’s Hollywood skin is so smooth, Nia Long knows she can walk – ranks up there with Ms. Jackson if yah nasty, Kane “I go with everything” did his usual, TI still in training for the real big leagues but he getting there,

The first official reemergence of EnVogue as a group was refreshing and I can’t wait until they come out with a new video. I missed the gals!

Salt and Pepa (w/Spinderella) remember when they were kinda ‘risque’? LOL LOL I know they like what the hell now. Looked good. Had to laugh and get sad as the video for ‘Whatta Man” went thru my head – Tupac and Treach – my how time flies.

And finally what all the above dribble filler was for to get to the best part of the evening for me: BIG DADDY KANE!! This chocolate, mustard shirt wearing, blow out kit having Brotha made the show and my nite. First let me give much dap to Black Thought from the Roots. He had Kane’s tone and cadence down! I was feeling it and let me give a super duper shout out to the old school dancers they were BREAKING IT DOWN. I love when the feeling takes over you and Common’s spontaneous break dancing was right on time – a hip hop shout, lol Let the Church say Amen!

At first I didn’t think BDK was going to perform. When looking for pictures of him, I kept running into some Eddie KANE, Jr. type poses and I was like – man Bro don has some rough spots eh? Well He was looking good in the balcony so I was happy he was back on the up and up.

Then he came out and basically ripped it. Damn is all I could say and when he started doing his ‘signature’ groove complete with a over the head leap of a dancer (which almost got him decapitated) I was thru! The entire room was in an uproar because at that moment – we all were back there and it felt GOOD.

The best part of Biggie's Tribute - that his kids were there. Enough said.

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