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Friday, October 07, 2005

Sunset Monologue 85

Rainy Night In Georgia

Blog Musical Mood: "Rain On Me" - Ashanti

Ahh listen to the rain on the house. This is the perfect night to get undressed, cut out the lights, turn on the slow jams and lay in the dark on crisp sheets saying goodbye to summer and hello to winter. I look outside and see the rain playing in the street lights. My heart thumps in rhythm to the sound of the rain - I'm so glad I have a heart and that it's beating in the rhythm of.....God.

They Love Me

I have no idea how this happened and it kinda snuck up on me, but I am booked for the next FOUR WEEKENDS with some kinda activity. Now nothing is 100% sure but let me tell you - this weekend Old School Saturday w/the girls, next weekend Homecoming w/the class - weekend after that I'll leave alone and the last weekend Mini-Me's Birthday.

I am especially 'touched' by the circumstances surrounding Old School Saturday. I didn't plan on going because Mini-Me is sucking money from me like a Hoover - and so when I get like this I try to fade into the scenery. Well "Janet" was like "We are going end of summer dancing and I really don't want to party without you - so I'm footing 1/2 the babysitting" It brought tears to my eyes for reasons I can't even expound upon the first being I come from a place where nothing is free for me. I have to pay for everything, so when someone who is not biologically related - extends their hand in family, it touches me (it also sets me back about 10 days in my reconciliation of that issue, lol) but I feel it and it feels good.

Now I just gotta figure out how short I want my dress to be, lol Of course I'll be giving the wrap-up cause ya'll know I can't go anywhere without a story to tell, lol

Atlanta Blogs?

Ok I have this affinity for meeting folks on line, lol I can't help it - it's this thing I do. I also am donating alot of time to the reading of blogs and I have read some from Atlanta folks. What I didn't know is that bloggers actually meet sometimes. EJFlavors IM'ed me out the blue and opened the door to another aspect of this bad boy I hadn't considered - the three-dimensional blogger,lol Now I've added a couple of specific blogs to my list (EJ's linked above) and Theprimeone and Sagaciously - be sure to check them all out.

Ummm What Had Happen Was

Ok, I know I know - I went off a couple of months ago on this whole diet kick. Even developed a separate mini-blog to document the horror. Well peeps - let me tel you I TRIED! I really did for like 68 days I was Atkins Queen. I even did a bit of exercise and I didn't drop ONE POUND. Well excuse me I did lose two pounds. I don't know what the problem was. So I'm like freak it. It gave me an opportunity to purge all the bad things from my diet which is excellent for my Diabetes sake. I also got back on track with my medication etc. and we have been making good choices. I feel better and I look better, my skin etc. and I haven't gained any weight. I feel a bit tighter as well (ok that was to fool myself). I'm cooking we no longer are doing 'white' (as in flour, rice, noodles, sugar etc.) and it's going well. Even my junk food has changed. I usually just don't have any but instead of fast food - I'm building quite a nest egg for Tastee Jamaica - damn their food is good. I get one spoon of rice and lots of cabbage and because I'm cute (lol) I get extra tails on the small platter. I used to spend $6.19 just at the Popeyes, now when I want 'fast' I spend the same amount on this. I ate half and I'll eat half tomorrow for lunch. Good stuff ya'll!!

I Wouldn't Tell Nobody That

We all have these. Those things we might have done in our lives that defy intellect, lol Even you sit around like - what in the world was I thinking about, lol Well as we know I got a penchant for meeting the most interesting characters of the male species this side of the Mason Dixie Line; I also test the boundaries of normality. As part of Rainy Friday Nite - let me relay one such story......

When I first arrived in Atlanta from Philly - I got a job working at one of the mail corresopndence school you see on TV. I taught HighSchool English. I loved that job, I have the personality to talk to folks all day on the phone anyway, lol It was so intersting hearing people's stories as to why they didn't graduate from High School etc. etc. You just sat in a little cubicle with all the books you needed and took calls all day from students who needed help etc. If only they didn't pay like $15 a week, lol (that was one of those if I didn't have Mini-me moments), well one day everyone was abuzz, apparently some dude had called that had a voice to DIE FOR, I was like hmmm - hope I get him one day. Well lo and behold, one day I answer the phone and heard a voice that made my panty elastic just start popping! Good Lawd! This man introduced himself as 'Officer Go-Go Music', who was working with under privledged youth in the DC area and he was checking up on someone. Something between us just clicked and against company rules we spoke for awhile. He began calling everyday requesting to be transferred to me. Well the ladies were up in arms about that shit. Eventually we exchanged personal phone numbers and would talk for HOURS. He played the drums in a local go-go band and could cook and was funny and witty and sexy and I could go on and on. I smile just thinking about it now. I was in a 'new' town and he just came along at the right time. He would send me money to pay for the off the chain phone bill and I would send him little gifts. There was one problem - I had no idea what this brotha looked like! Finally we exchanged pictures - he actually sent me (hold on to your horses) an expired ID card with his picture on it. I think I still have that card somewhere - - I was so hooked on this man - he would take his phone (this was early cell phone) to his concerts and I would listen to him play! and yes we had a very special and real sex life. He and I were on some serious ganja, lol. We would go to restaurants call each other and have 'dates' together. His friends knew about me and my friends knew about him - his roommate and I were very cool with one another. I remember one time - we both were like what the hell are we doing? and decided to stop calling one another. That lasted one week and then we were on the phone crying and making up.

We had never discussed actually meeting each other. I 'dated' this man for.....A YEAR!! I know you can go ahead and be like WTF?! It's expected. Just as smoothly as he entered my life - he began fading out, work hours changed for him, this fine fireman came to my new job one day (lol) and we drifted apart. The calls got less frequent until finally I looked up and they had just stopped.

A couple of years after that - I found his number and I just took a chance and called and his wonderful voice filled my head as I listened to his message. He called me back and I kid you not we both shed tears at the memory of our time together. We both were doing fine, he was seeing someone and I was seeing someone and it was just a chat with an old friend.

I'm a firm believer that each encounter we have has happen for a reason and to quote Mia from 'The Best Man' "It was what I wanted, it was what I needed and he was a gentleman, we shared something special that was as endearing as a forehead kiss"

I'm going and cut on the slow jams :) Good Nite!

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