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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunset Monologue 88

Every Second Counts

Blog Musical Mood: "Unbreakable" Alicia Keys

You know I rank Alicia up there with Mary J - I swear I don't like them, but always have them in rotation, lol lol. Well I am sitting here with my Al B. Sure t-shirt jammed up my nose. There's a tidbit about me, I don't like Kleenex, so I use old cotton T-shirts - cotton hankerchiefs if you will. I went into the depths of our closets and switched out our clothes. So of course an allergy attack immediately followed. I've sneezed so hard and so long this evening that my uterus feels like it fell out..Damn! I took some medicine but it only opened up my passages which is why I'm sitting here looking just miserable. It's nights like these, you are glad you don't have anyone looking you in the face but then again....

Singledom is for the birds

I found this out this summer and it still rings true - whoever 'chooses' to be single is a damn fool. I hate it and it's the most boring time of my life overall I've ever had. Why in the world would I honestly (I didn't say purposedly because you make due with that you are given) say that I was content and happy living up in here without any adult interaction in my life? If I didn't have 'mini-me' I'd have a room mate. I have so much free time it makes no damn sense.

Today was the most beautiful day in Decatur. The sky clear and a most maginificent blue. I thought about the difference a man would make on this perfect day. A call to ask what's up? What my plans were - maybe make plans to go out and enjoy this weather. An inhouse man would be even better because then we all could take a drive, go to a park and enjoy this weather.

I find myself either full or empty and no in between. If I'm not 'pursuing' dates by means of the internet etc. - then I have no male friends persay. No one just calls me from my past an goes "hey Pam what's shaking - wanna hang out?" what's up with that?! You know what nevermind...don't tell me,lol I don't even wanna know and I don't want any Instant Messages tomorrow - giving me some shout out. SAVE IT!

18,000 Seconds

That's how long I was on the phone with "mobetta" today. I know I just got thru going off above, but this is different. I know only one person who I wuold even devote this much energy to and that is "mobetta" - we are an endless pitt of conversation - the whole world is a subject and we intend to speak at least one sentence on it all. I am never bereft of words for this man. It's a very scary place to be sometimes - but I can't let it go - I won't let it go - - 18,000 seconds of harmony, unity, peace and understanding - if only - if only

For The Love of You

Saturday, I just didn't want to be home. I want to be out in the world, so I decided to add some thrill and take "Mini-Me" on her b'day walk thru. This is the time of year where I go to the store and just follow behind her while she gushes over b'day wishes. I remember when all this took was a walk thru Toys R Us - nowwww it involves (gasp) the mall!! I felt a shiver go down my back just typing this. You all know I am not a mall person - I can stay away from months at a time. But like any good mother, I have to go where 'mini-me' feels most comfortable and so thats where we went. She did okay, she got only a tiny attitude. We are at the stage where apparently I am an 'embarassment'. It makes me feel bad, because I think I'm a young, cool mom (which in reality is probably THE reason I am an embarassment to begin with, lol). We spent 7 hours out the house on Saturday as I took note of everything she expressed interest in. She's teetering she wants toys AND tween stuff. She'll get one of each. As a parent you wish you could just give your child the entire world - as a good parent and a broke one, you know that wouldn't benefit her any. So I saw a few things that I think she would be most thrilled with. Her birthday is in two weeks....she will be.........12.

Boots: 9 Clothes: ZIP

Well I have taken out the winter clothes. It was a several hour proces today. I am one who puts up clothes according to season. I don't have the closet space to keep all my clothes out. I am always surprised at what I find because I usually forget what I have. I came away from my excursion with "mini-me" a bit depressed because I too see alot I would love to have. I think that's the real reason why I've decided to 'hate the mall' - it causes to much anxiety in me. Anyway, after pulling out all my stuff, it only excalated that feeling. My winter wardrobe is seriously lacking! "Mini-Me" has plenty of tops but very few bottoms.

There is one thing that I am complete in and that's...BOOTSSSSS. Lawd I didn't realize I had acquired so many pairs. I know at the beginning of this blog, I spoke about my love for boots. Well I lined em all up and looky here - I wonder if I could get away with shirts and boots all winter, lol.

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