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Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunset Monologue 87

Just Another Manic Monday

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At some point don't you wish things would shake up? You know Wednesday be the first day of the week? You work 9pm to 5am - just something to make you 'react' Am I still breathing?! Is this thing ONN?! Today's Lesson "Speaketh and thou shall fuck it upth" I need to keep my mouth SHUT! Let me say now - due to the playoffs - the October 21st show has been preempted. Please stay tuned for a future date to mark in your palm pilot, lol Well let me get it started....


You know I tease about sending Mini-me to the shrinks couch, but I think I've accidently achieved that goal - - she gets in the car today and begins to relate a story she was told at before care today - her friend and her family were having dinner and her mom stands up and says "the funniest part of my weekend was I was at a party and I saw Mini-Me's mom and she was.....DROPPING IT LIKE IT WAS HOT!" and then she proceeded to show her family. Ok ya'll the look on my daughters face was priceless as she tried to do the dance and I said 'Oh this" and did the booty shake, Let me tell you - I saw years of shrink bills right before my eyes, lol lol lol Now on the flip side - this girls momma was making fun of me (probably because her husband indicated he 'liked' me so she hating anyway) but I found that to be the funniest thing I have heard in months. Janet almost wrecked her car laughing.

First realization that Mom doesn't live and die to be....MOM,lol (Parental disclaimer - I spoke briefly about the fact I wasn't out anywhere embarassing myself or conducting myself in a way I would be ashamed of) - that was funny as all get out.

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