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Monday, October 17, 2005

Sunset Monologue 89

Moan Moan Moan

Bones ache, head hurts, chills, feeling cold, ears poppin, nasty taste in mouth - needs to be OVER by in the morning. I'm only conscious long enough to cook dinner and get 'mini-me' on the right track. I stayed home today because I was up most of the night - - trying to breathe! My chest kept closing up. Now I am one not to want to take alot of meds, but I took some and that only caused my head to open up thus the freaking drainage. YUCK! I gotta go in tomorrow (and ya'll know I don't discuss my job but please insert a deep sigh). What's funny is that 'mini-me' rarely and I mean if once a year ok, gets sick. This girl is a rock. She tends to take care of me more than I take care of her in this department. She makes a mean green tea with a hint of milk (she started drinking tea when she was 9 and has tea cups etc. she likes to use). She hates when I do get sick, because I cry (fake cry) but I pretty much reduce down to a baby. The 'crying' opens up my chest - but she is just like 'grow up' LOL LOL.

Now you know when you are in a drug induced sleep - you usually will just wake up suddenly. That happen twice last nite and each time some of the most craziest shit was on the tube. First time I woke up - two women were getting it on quite explicitly I might add. I mean butt naked and joined at the coochie, lol lol. I thought it must be the drugs so I drifted back off - second time I woke up a man was speaking about having a Veneral Disease in his THROAT and wanted safe tips to performing oral on his girlfriends!!!!! I was like WTF is with late nite on Lifetime!! I cut CNN on and went back to sleep. I'd rather wake up to world tragedy than late nite freakdom, lol lol

Um I birthed you

So I'm coming home from picking up 'mini-me' and I look at her as she adjusts her glasses. She's always had the most lush eyelashes ever. I mean it's like she has two rows on the top. I notice that they are especially lush and full and curled....I just very calmly say "Mini-me, don't wear anymore mascara" I really need to carry a camera. MOMMMMM HOW DID YOU KNOW?! Because I birthed you and I know what you look like! and that Covergirl eye you got going Ms. Eva is not what's normal. So then she explains they are so long they get in her eye (I know this) and so she started using the brow brush (I know this) then one day she used the mascara and it held them up so well - she kept going, lol lol lol No Mam not at 11 3/4. No makeup! She didn't fight it but I could tell she was just amazed. I actually laughed, because it wasn't suppose to be a fight - it was I see what you did and don't do it again...cause Mother knows, lol lol

FADING FAST..........

Drug induced clarity

I have been the participant in 'long term dating' as opposed to relationships. Relationships stay home on a Sunday and just watch movies. Relationships don't require makeup 24/7, relationships don't have to get up and go home, relationships wanna stay in bed all weekend and lounge together, relationships need no specific activity surrounding togetherness, relationships are not 'erect' and 'moist' all the time, relationships are some of the most corny conversations, relationships come by and check on me and act like they dont' want to kiss me cause I'm sick, but kiss me on the forehead, relationships thanks me for getting up and cooking steak, jamaican rice and string beans,

Long term dating - doesn't give a hot damn about anything outside of the activity that leads to the screwing.....


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