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Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunset Monologue 93

Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns, Verbs

"You have a story to tell" "You sure should write a book" "When are you going to start writing" I hear this on almost a daily basis - except I never really clarify so let me do it now......I AM WRITING! LOL LOL. This daily linkage of letters, syllables and words is writing, lol. My belief is that you should not write for 'financial reward or compensation' - writing by timelines and thru editorial comment etc. is not where I am at right now.

I have 7000+ (and counting, thanks) verifying that I am writing. I started when I was around 11. I have four boxes of journals, two half written manuscripts, one novelette of short erotic stories, a couple of poems and this here blog - I have effectively put together the ground work for my greatest masterpiece - My Memoirs when....I...Die. That may sound morbid, but in looking back - I've done an incredible thing - This is the "Dairy of Pamela" Not Alicia Keys, nor Anne Frank - but Pamela.....Damn!

I might one day crank something out, that would count as 'money making', but I don't mind - giving it away - everything you possess shouldn't always be for sale to the highest bidder - sometimes you have to give to get.

I'm walking in my mind barefoot with a guitar and a funky afro in about 1969. I'm sitting in Central Park, playing my guitar.....just because - - this is my spot in central park and you all smile stop by and listen. I'm fine, I'm happy, and I am.....WRITING!

As if I needed something else to send me swanging, lol

And FINALLY......

"Janet" is quite worried about that little 'story' about her birthing something. I sure hope I don't get on the hot seat - I already got enough issues after I painted on stomach muscles, lol lol.


Almost as nice as a warm man on a cold nite - a warm bowl of hearty homemade chicken noodle soup done NY style - meaning - you cook the noodles separate from the broth - so no sogginess. Yep those are whole wheat noodles - quite tasty!

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