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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 58

A Year Older, An Hour More Sleep

Woke up all confused last night because I didn't set back the clocks. I had this coughing fit and ended up watching three episodes of "Girl Friends" for the 10th time on BET. Just couldn't sleep. After redressing the bratz doll and having her do the laffy taffy at 8am this morning, I went ahead and put my neckbones (beef) in the crock pot and downloaded 32 songs for "mini-me" on her new MP3 player. She is estatic, lol.

No this isn't her blog, but if I'm talking about me, there is room to share the spotlight with that which I birthed. Don't worry, I'll be back to peeking inside my head this week, because I jotted some good stuff down that was on my mind on my T2 last week. All of this - just rounds Soooo don't trip if I'm spending time talking about my daughter.

So we all gathered at the crib to go to D&B yesterday to have the 'nonparty'. Now I really was meaning to scale this way down, but then I had a thought. I wanted 'mini-me' to be exposed to the 'right' crowd and I wanted us to get in with that group. So it was worth it for me to take this first year of middle school and foot the bill to get in said crowd. She had already met the girls (sorry but from my minds eye - you can sit outside any school and pick out the 'types' you don't want your children milling around) and if you give them the right eye to look out of - they will group according to what direction you trying to get your child to go in. So the girls had already gravitated towards each other.

All us parents stood around and talked a good hour, lol lol. The activities they did, the goals they had and the direction they were trying to send their daughters in was right in line with me - so I certainly wanted to make sure that they knew without a shadow of a doubt; me and 'minime' were (with this non-party) officially applying for membership.

Remember when you were 12 - things like time and space had no concrete meaning. I say that because four girls piled into the Hyundai together in the back seat and had no problem, lol lol. Janet and I rode in the front of course and we took off up 285 to 85 to get to D&B. One little girl was meeting us there.

"Mini-Me" was going for the real life bratz look to a certain extent and she pulled it off. She was georgous - all the girls were looking young and fresh (slap me for using an old school word, lol).

As we all got out the car - there were a group of boys about 10 or so and they got wayy flustered. Janet and I looked at each other and died laughing.

We sat at two different tables by the bar and Janet and I agreed, D&B had greatly expanded their drink menu. She had a 'snowcone and I had a 'candy shop'. YUMMMMY! The girls effectively turned over three different glasses on their table, but otherwise they ordered and sat and talked etc. They were itching to get up and play games, but I warned them and they cooled out.

It took me back, of course, to when I was 12 and the differences. Nowadays kids travel - they go out together and it's a parents job to facilitate it. I didn't go NO DAMN WHERE when I was 12, lol. Gathering, interacting and playing were so different. You did it all on your block! You created activitity yourself and your range of motion was whereever your bike could take you. All these car trips and bussing your kids to so and so's house - NADA back in 1978, lol lol.

As adults our role was to basically keep an eye on the girls as they moved about playing games after we ate. They each had $10 worth of playing time (that came with the meal). The particular D&B we went to isn't really that crowded during the day, so it was easy to see them all around for the most part.

Suddenly all five of them came flying over "A Grown Man tried to talk to mini-me!" Janet and I looked at each other and then looked at them. "A grown man said mini-me was cute and I called him a pervert and yelled run" So now on instinct, I am up and saying show me who. We round the corner and....SCREECH! It's a young man around 15-16 or so. Janet and I look at each other and then I identify the age bracket to them and say that you don't have to respond to comments, you can say thank you and just walk away. He's a teenager. If he says anything else to you, let me know. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We stayed about three hours as I had planned. As soon as Janets behind hit the seat she was out cold......AMATEUR, lol lol.

Opening gifts was alot of fun and 'mini-me' got a nice little chunk of change that we will go and round out her winter needs with.

I am anal about pictures etc. so before the night was over, I had linked and sent out the b'day pictures to family and friends, printed out a picture of the girls for each of them to keep, chose the ones I wanted to put on my desk and printed out a couple for her to take to school. I like to put finality on an event.

Soo all in all a good time was had - I got a taste of my immediate future in terms of...boys and chilled at Dave and Busters.

No not a man worth mentioning in the entire establishment!!!!!!!

Well now I have to go and put my foot in 'mini-me's ASS because the parent/student comparative book study project is due tomorrow and she's left the book at school and neither one of us has read the last chapter!!!

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