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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 57

Mini-Me Party Time

Well today we are going to do the lunch thing at Dave and Busters today. The house is clean, the gifts are wrapped and I will be having a shot before I go. "Janet" is coming to help assist. I'll be back this evening....

SHHHHHH.......Here's what I got her

Except hers is Disney "That's So Raven' (It's hella cool!) - now I can lower my stock in AA batteries (well you know I still got some stock for um..other reasons, lol) because it's rechargable and we can TOSS the CD player and her collection she drags around. It's memory expandable too! Right now she's feeling "Javier, Dwele and Maroon 5 and this greatest hits of Ella Fitz Gerald" (Yes I made sure she was exposed to other music)

She's at that age where she wants a doll, but she wants to be more interactive with said doll! WALAH! The damn thing got tats, lol lol Not to mention I can't wait to get on her head, lol lol Sometimes Mini-Me will wake up and I've done all their hair and posed them around the room (she has about five or six heads). While she was away on Winter Break - "Janet" and I spent alot of time playing with these doll heads, lol lol

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