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Friday, November 04, 2005

Sunset Monologue 101

To The 10th Power

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10,10,10,10 Let's sing a song about 10....How many is 10? I got a cramp,lol. I haven't used my thighs as much as I used em today in what..a long ass time. Unfortunately, it ain't a love cramp. It's a walking cramp.

I left the house at 8:30 this morning and stepped foot back here at around 6:30pm. Today as I said was "mental health' day and it was to be As we know that's not one of my strong points. Now I can work a dollar like there is no tomorrow, that ain't the problem, it's all that other stuff I talked about already.

So I sit outside this mall. Pocketbook - Check, Cute outfit - Check, Sonny Boy Mac Lip Glass - Check, Now breathe Pamela and do the damn thing!

One hour later I left the mall with: That's So Raven 2006 calendar, really fly Rose shearling coat..size...XL Kids....I am a fail....WAIT! I took the opportunity to finally (as per Oprah's instructions) get my chest measured. Well like so many women, I am wearing the wrong size Bra. I'm not to far off though I grew 2 cut sizes - I'm rocking a Double D now. Good Lawd! Ethopians gather around - let me feed you! At least they don't need a sling to hold them up, I would end this blog immediately and go check into the nearest 'quiet place' for a bit of R&R, can't a sista hold on to something as time creeps up. So I bought five bras in my new size....but no clothes. Oh and I got my favorite Strawberry Essence Smoothie from Orange Julius, lol

Sooooo I proceed on to Wally World, they greet me with open arms and I am no longer shaking as the little yellow dot says, "Let me take all your money and give you more than ONE BAG" Hey baby steps, lol. As I walked around:


Hey I feel yah - no need to go down this long ardous road. Let me give you the topline.

So there you have it....I didn't do to bad. I consider my coup of the day: A periwinkle Lord and Taylor two piece skirt suit for $4.99 at the Thrift and a $39.99 Avenue Skirt tags still on for $3.99 at the Thrift. I'm sorry, it's the way to go. It was just as crowded as Wally World. I was so enthralled in the process of shopping I also didn't eat for 10 freaking hours. I had my smoothie and that's it. So by the time I picked up Mini-me I was about to keel over. We went to Ruby Tuesdays and let me tell you Mini-me can eat off the big menu?! Her appetite has outgrown the kids meal!!!! $8.99 WTF?! We eating in from now on, lol.

Now I sit here in my PJ's....tired and eager to see how many outfits I can put together this coming winter. I am very glad that I gave myself this treat and yes, if you are a parent, you know that when you are out here in the world, you can't forget about your kids - so Mini-me came up but then it was well worth it when she told me she was bestowed with "Student of the Month" this morning and was the only 6th grader for the month. I am proud.

I checked my 'other' email and it caused my blood pressure to rise, so I'll just deal with all that later on in the weekend. I took my day and they will get ova it!

Well folks, I'm going to go and chill out. They showing all 85 chapters of R. Kelly, that should keep me entertained until I drift off, lol but first, I want to go and see if "Unpredictable" by Jamie Foxx is um lying around anywhere on line so I can rock it tomorrow in the car, lol lol lol

Oh and if this isn't a sign that we bout to get a new CD, I don't know what it out gal...I can't wait!

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