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Friday, November 04, 2005

Sunset Monologue 100

It ain't got to be that hard

Wow my 100th Sunset Monologue. One day I'm going to delve into this template and do some fancy stuff, lol. Today is my 'Friday' tomorrow I'm having me a mental health day. I have 18 vacation days to use up and so I'm like alrightyyy then! Some mental health days are spent catching up on movies, this one will be I've already spoken of my psychosis on this subject - stay tuned for the outcome. Some people may ask - "how do you hang with yourself?" I love myself and I am a good time, lol I mosey around doing my thing in my own world. I am not boxed in by the absence of another person standing next to me. I enjoy my quiet times with myself and believe you me, I will get me three tickets back to back and a tub of popcorn and go see me a couple of movies. I've even taken myself to a few concerts, plays etc. I went to see Prince's Musicology tour by myself. So it's all good, cause some people can't quiet the voices in their heads long enough to hang with themselves,lol

It ain't got to be difficult you know? Sometimes we make stuff so time consuming and so analytical etc. I found this in Essence and I wanted to share:

How To Find Everyday Joy

Make it your intention - CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, even in challenging times. Accept your feelings - Acknowledge any uneasiness you have aobut a situation, but don't dwell on it and Recognize Authenic joy - Euphoric joy is a temporary high, a reaction to a particular situation. Authentic joy is a state of appreciation or gratitude, no matter what life brings.

I'm Whiteeeeeee, well ok I'm not, lol but tonite I sat and watched one of my all time favorite movies, 1959's Imitation of Life. You know the one about the black woman with the lighter than light daughter who had a color complex, lol. Boy I tell yah. Now right off the bat let me say the Wardrobist (is THAT a word) for that movie was Fabulous!! Everything Lana Turner wore once she became famous was FIERCE!! I pretty much know all the words (like I know the words to alot of movie) but my favorite line in that move is:

Mzzzzz Laura: I never gave it much thought that you had friends.
Annie: Why yes I go to the Church and I belong to several lodges as well
Mzzzzz Laura: I never knew
Annie: You never asked

Annie would be getting in her ass this whole movie - quite subtly and that was cool for 1959.

Now that Tramp ( and I use that word to be timely afterall Skank wasn't out in 59, lol) of a daughter Sarah Jane was a trip! First of all she TOTALLY overlooked the way she could have pimped that situation. Once they got older and Mzzzzzz Laura was gone alot and Missy Ann (ooops that was roots) I mean Susie went away to boarding school, basically Sarah Jane and her momma had run of the joint and it was out in the Hamptons or something - I would have been using EVERYTHING up in that mofo. My friends would be over and everything - but OOOOOO NOOOOOO Sarah Jane decided that since her momma had cursed her with that keebler name, she was gonna milk it to the hilt. Even tried to date Fonzie, lol lol Lawd!! I would have got up out that casket and whipped her ass. GREAT MOVIE!! Mzzzzzzzz Laura...I killed my momma!!

Cue up Tupac please....Californiaaa Loveeeee - hey outside of Chubby Chocolate can someone point me to some West Coast Blogs or some Northwest Blogs. I know some black folks chillin in these regions and wanna tell their story. I had a west coaster and he was a pimp and I lost his addy, if anyone remembers let me know. Thanks! (um especially interested in gay men and straight men - Chubby covers the female set just fineee, lol.

A Dozen is how many there are of us. I have 11 Brothers and Sisters (plus 2 but that's another story as to who they are and why I count them as plus 2). Four Sisters and Seven Brothers. We range from 40 to 19. I am the oldest girl. I sometimes (especially when looking at shows like Runs House etc.) mourn the fact that basically we are not close. There are alot of reasons, some not being our fault etc. We just aren't. I rarely if ever speak to my siblings and because I am a stickler for the old 'it's a two way street' they are not calling me either. There's this notion of the 'older' being the carrier for all the bullshit and the Ambassador of peace - well to me it doesn't work that way. The same wires that stretch from my house to yours, stretch back to my house. I've made some headway with my favorite, but there is a disconnect and I don't know if it will ever get connected. It's all so ghetto that something major is going to have to happen before we get it together i.e. death etc. It's ghetto and cliche' - how do you build on a foundation made of paper mache' I have no idea - we ran out of glue in 1985 with the death of my Daddy - - it's intriguing the dynamics of family and love - - don't you sometimes thing that each section of your life deserves it's own blog, lol

And Just Because I can stay up a bit later tonite...I'll do a Meme I just peeped on DBM's site. I wonder can I come up with this stuff - well here goes and while you folks are standing in the Check Cashing line tomorrow - I'll be shopping!! Of course I'll show ya'll what I got. Peace.....

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