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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunset Monologue 113

Stormy Weather - Scattered Debris of my Mind

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Dreary, Rainy, Wet, Miserable November day here in Decatur. A chill in the air perfect for some kinda stew, soup etc. So that's just what I did, Chicken Stew all up in here and some nice warm cornbread. Tummies: 1, Heart: 0. Good weekend though, Mini-me got her hair done for the first time and I got my do did, Saturday we ran all around getting Thanksgiving after my brother in law confirmed they were all coming down. I'm starting to get excited about the whole shin dig. I am looking forward to all the LIFE up in my home. I can't wait to get to cooking.

You know when I first sat down here this evening, I was all set to bemoan my latest freefall from that which is "Mobetta", except for one thing - this ain't nothing new and I already KNOW the answer! So typing out rhetorical questions is just fustrating. This is like the game sorry - you almost make it to homebase and he bumps you back to start. His game is so succulent and divine that he doesn't even have to lie - he fucks you up with the truth, that way you have no argument, you just go back to your corner and lick your wounds. I need some new conversation......

I think that I should more focus on, why do I allow the best of me, to go to brothas who don't even know how to appreciate it, who see nothing wrong with not claiming it for themselves and who are incapable of giving me the best of them back. Now there's some shit to work on.

Did "Italy" decide he had such an erection, thinking of me, he got a headache, BEFORE or AFTER I told him he held the distinction of being the only man I've slept with this year? Go figure. I told him that if I finish out the year with this status - I'd send him a certificate - I'll be sure to show it to you all, lol.


Mannn - the MP3, I tell yah. I got 215 songs on there and basically I'm done (leaving room for anything new). I filled it up a couple of times and I think it only holds 250 (MP3's) instead of the 500 it touted on the box (which probably would work if I used WMA files). Here is a sorta breakdown of what I'm jamming, lol

*Best of Boys II Men = 14 songs
*Classic Slow Soul = 13 songs
*Funky Disco Pop = 11 songs
*Hot Now = 3 songs
*Hood = 6 songs (u know this includes Whoop That Trick, lol)
*Neo Soul = 4 songs
*Neo Sistas = 20 songs
*Neo Brothas = 12 songs
*The Best of New Edition (Adult) = 19 songs (incl BBD etc)
*Prince = 20 songs
*Straight R&B = 16 songs
*Slow Jams = 7 songs
*The Jacksons = 30 songs
*Michael Jackson = 30 songs
*Emergency Mike = 5 songs (this batch that calms my nerves IMMEDIATELY)

I also caught a couple of mini-series this weekend. First, mini-me and I caught the end of
"Mama Flora's Family" this movie holds a special place with us was in it. A scout picked her off the street and she was paid scale for two days filming in LeGrange Georgia. She even had her own half a trailor, lol. She had the honor of playing Mario Van Peobles Grand daughter and is featured several times in the last 15 minutes of the film (she's the little girl in the red checkerboard skirt). She has four scenes in the movie; when Queen Latifah goes to meet Mario and his family at the airport - when they get to Mama Flora's house - Cecily bends down and kisses her, next she is featured when they are playing ball and finally she is sitting right in front of Cecily when they take the family portriat right at the end. It was ALOT of fun and I got to meet Mario, Queen Latifah, Cecily Tyson and Blair Underwood. I like to say I 'slept' with him because we were sitting chatting on a fake house porch and he said he needed to catch a few minutes of sleep and he fell asleep right next to me on the porch swing. Lawd have mercy!! now what was funny was that you know they shoot movies out of sequence - so it wasn't until we were all sitting watching it on TV that we discovered that Mario's character was Muslim, lol lol How funny is that? Good Time, Good Time.

Then I happen to run across this movie called "Beulah Land" Let me tell you there is nothing better than a good slave mini-series for a sunday afternoon, lol. When keebleers get to tellin on themselves (or in this case fantasing about the land where coloreds and whites live harmoniously on the plantation)it's a hoot!

Well I only am working 1 1/2 days this week, taking some more of my 18 days of vacation I have left.

I wonder how long this time.......I wonder if our Peaches and Herb moment will never come to fuition...I wonder....I wonder....

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