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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 61

Not Even Full Yet

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Today marks the beginning of the only holiday, I'll be getting revved up for this year. SHOUT OUT TO THE INDIANS!! I'm quite relaxed this morning despite my plans piling up in the toilet - I'm just waiting to see if I need to flush. No matter - Mini-me and I are still quite thankful and I'll be throwing down anyway!

I had totally forgot (which means ALOT coming from me) that the American Music Awards were on and when I turned on I thought it was the comedy awards. I see 3 foot bow wow and 3'11 foot Omarion doing their thing and then here comes 4'11 Jermaine Dupree and Kelly from Destiny's Child looking as tall as Shac or something - I (based on my humor points, lol) just found all of that HILARIOUS!!

I heard the presenter list and then the singing list and was like HUH. Then when Will Smith won - it's a wrap. Dick Clark IS making a slow recovery, because his memory is not quite up to par.

I wonder when mainstream award shows lost their luster. I guess singers etc. now just want the money and damn the recognition. So these shows are struggling. Well not the BET award show - which is interesting - is there some kinda statement quietly being made? I'll have to think on that.

Why did I want to change aisles at the grocery store when in the man's cart in front of me were 3 boxes of mini-pads and three tubes of jock itch medication? WTF?!

My goal was to NOT check my work email - another dream deferred.

Black Friday is looming and for the 8th year in a row - I don't have nothing for em man! DAMN! Next year - I'm going to be in a much better financial place and totally try to take advantage of the sales. The only saving grace I have is that I do get a couple of things in the after Christmas sales.

Mini-me has alot coming up and that should keep me busy. She has her orchestra performance and they will be performing at a couple of malls in the area. The teacher approached me at PTA the other day and raved about how quickly she picked up the instrument and wants to work with her a bit more because she could go and play with the High School - WHAAAA?! This girl, this girl - I would turn myself into the police if I did not help, nuture and guide her to explore all that she has to offer the world.

The Job Formal is coming up. I need to see if I can still wear my reunion dress and get it altered a bit if not. Some of us are going. I'm still iffy - but I did turn in my invite.

The next 'toy' I want to get (hahaha - I need to replace that one as well) is a new cell phone. I'm with the METRO and I got my phone a lonnng time ago - thus I basically am talking in a tin can, lol lol. I'm going to upgrade to a camera phone which should certainly make the blog interesting, cause you get unlimited pictures with the Metro. Say what you will, but they got it going on!

Well since this is OBVIOUSLY just a die hard "I'mma Blog Dammit" entry - I'm going to let it go. I'll be back this evening with the beginning of the Thanksgiving entries - of course complete with pictures.

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