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Monday, November 28, 2005

Sunset Monologue 119

He's Just Not that Into you

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Ok, right off the bat, I am LOVING this station, lol lol. You know we all got our comfort zones and apparently the 80's is mine. This was a good investment. Sooo I puttered around the house today, looked at some TV, surfed the net for a little porn (whew haven't done that in a lonnnnng while) and just kinda hung out with myself. Wasn't bored or anything, even though I have spent ALOT of time with myself over the course of the holiday weekend. Review time is coming up at my job and I did my self-assessment today...........I'm sure that's like looking in a fun house mirror. Something is wrong with my mouse - it's not catching and I'm having a hard time manipulating my cursor - maybe my mouse pad has lost it's grip, I have had it since Mini-me was whaaa....four, lol.

So I wanted to make sure I followed up on yesterday's entry and touch on the book I read. "He's Just Not That Into You". I do encourage the ladies (like I did) to make you some index cards and put these little tidbits on it.

Now before I do all this typing (lol) let me say that these things are NOTHING NEW and WE KNOW THESE THINGS - yet I was taught that in 'repeat means everything' so here they are - some affirmations about just how special you should think you are.

Now remember - a MAN wrote this book. The female co-writer adds a very important element from a female perspective on why these tidbits are not so 'cut and dry'. Now if you would rather spend time looking in the book for the loopholes - that's on you, but I just wanted to pass along some things that could help any of us hanging on to our baby's daddy, our Heroes, Our Mobettas and all the various scenarios we get in for the name of love.....

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