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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sunset Monologue 121

Who's Your Daddy?

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Coming at cha from this dump! LOL

Hmm,if your day starts off with you accidently flushing your watch down the toilet - it can only go up from there right? Have you ever seen something so trifling on the TV that you get guilty in your home? Trading Spouses this evening had the laziest woman in America, I got up and no lie (outside of the computer room) straightened up my house! Damn! I gotta NOT be associated with that broad.

The wait until I can see if I saw some things that Rod saw on Noah's Arc tonite is long and fitful,lol. So Bre and Nik are still in the running to become America's Next Top Model; I hope that Tyra is stacking the deck to favor
African American women, but I think Opie's Sista is going to win. I wouldn't mind Tyra doing an all male version. That one they had on Bravo SUCKED! As well as, do I dare say it? Nigel is.....OF COLOR. Now can I exhale and say - yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm - I'm rambling, there is an actual 'entry' up in here somewhere...OHHHHHHHH

The Following Entry is Rated MA - for Mature Audiences Only

"You Fucking Bitch, You Fucking Whore" - a memorable episode of Sex and the City. Ole Boy couldn't get off without exlaiming this at the point of orgasm. I remember "Mobetta" and I having a spirited conversation about this, lol. Ahh the language of....sexual ownership. We all know the routine: Who's is it? and my personal favorite (NOT) Who's Your Daddy?.

There sure are alot of questions in sex, lol. The one's of ownership are funny because out in the open they have taken on a measure of comedy when alot of us know behind doors - there's alot of YOURS DADDY going on,lol. Gotta keep up the I am an Independent albiet evil woman so IT'S MINE however out in the street.

Personally, I find the whole incidence of claiming parental rights unnerving. Now if you didn't have a father - then I can surely understand how that can be comforting and slightly fulfilling and is probably a necessary component in balancing the scales (since no woman will readily admit to submissiveness) However, for me that ain't it. Having had such a strong father figure in my life, I have trouble assigning that to my man. I cringe at the notion that I have to succumb to calling a man I'm screwing...Daddy.

If you are open to the 'games fuckers play', then there are other ways to get that off. Personally, I need an element of hooker/whore in my mix. Sprinkle in some Ike and Tina and I'm yah girl, lol. Some of the best games played involved a "mobetta" Ike and his very own Anna Mae Bullock, lol. These games must take place out the bedroom however. Yelling Anna Mae Bullock - fix me a sandwich; would just get me to tingling. Ahh yes Ike.

Another quite arousing instance is proving to be the 'bottom bitch' The fantasy of dreaming, organizing and executing a plan that labels you the ultimate broad in the stable - can be a great turn on! Allowing your man to rock your head (and other various spots) with praise for being that B.B, but urging you to do better is foreplay at it's best. My role was to be the best 'hooker' I could be - and I enjoy that role. It's all about not who's my daddy but a taming of the situation 'is it good to yah?' 'you like this don't cha?' 'come on and give it to me I can take it?' The role of the 'hooker' is to make him feel like a King.

I've joked for YEARS that I need my men to be from the "Teddy Pendergrass School of Macking" COME HERE WOMAN! TAKE IT OFF! TURN OUT THE LIGHTS! lol lol.

Mind games are ALWAYS the best games - if you find one that stimulates your mind and the man has earned the right to have the key to that part of you then it can be on some other level. However, it does need to be sincere. All men can't (and shouldn't) try to play this role. The men who successfully play these roles are so arrogrant in their own right, that it is convincing that you should be Tina the Happy Beginning Hooker, lol. This is their ego stroke.

Some men need to feel that whole 'Daddy' thing, because they need the little girl in you to validate the Big Daddy in them. Coming from a scenario in my life where I was so encased in glass - the Daddy thing (though I can play it for awhile) rises up rebellion in me,lol. Because the package I come in is a full length cloak of 'good girl' - the way to spice it up is not to present 'triggers' that encourage that.

Now each man and each relationship can (and hopefully will) present it's own set of 'characters' - some relationships are devoid of characterizations - YAWN! I'm a Gemini to the fullest, put me thru some mental gymnastics why don't cha, lol.

Hmmm, I think I might have added another layer to that which is PAmMiE

And before I go....What do we have here? Caption this will yah....I'll start yah off....

Johnathan I don't know how you did it dawg?

Now Star you KNOW I can't get it up unless you turn around.

I'm missing Noah's Arc for this!

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