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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sunset Monologue 120

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

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I want to say


to the 275+ people that have breezed thru my little spot on the web today!! WOW! Ok, as well as a heartfelt smooch (no tongue) to Rod 2.0. A brotha mentioned a sistas and I got hopefully some new readers. I don't advertise my blog anymore - to many haters, I just hope that as people read and put me under their favorites others will find me like I found them :) Again, I hope some of you stop back thru Wow! is all I can say - I feel so blogtacular this evening!

Hmmm, as I was pondering the fact I had Eighty Seven Cents in Checking and Twenty-Three Cents in Savings - I got upset. Not because once again my money is screwed, but because I've been duped. I wanna know right this phucking second - exactly


If I had of known the shit that I know now, I would have turned right the hell around and went right back inside the canal.

I've toiled it around in my head - all the years you spend itching to be 'grown' to do what you damn please etc. etc. etc. I must be at that point of adulthood, that pivitol point where lightening flashes, the sea parts and there stands....YO MOMMA! who by the way is laughing hysterically.

Every morning I get up and expect to be called to breakfast, to have it already cooked, my ironing already done - not have some kid swinging from my fallopian tubes begging for shit 24/7. I just grab my books and hop my ass to school, or it's the weekend and I can just sleep till 2 in the afternoon, get up cut on some Mike J. and watch TV and read all at the same time.

The only mail I get be my Right On and Black Beat Magazine and the only phone calls I get are from FRIENDS!

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I gotta be an adult. I'm damn near 40 and I don't want to be - what the hell is that about?! I can't even fake like I'm young anymore; all the phuck up's I got going on I gotta take full responsiblity for.

This Nugga Hea is about to be my dating pool! Whaaa 5 years from Viagra? Ain't no Denzel's in my neck of the woods, lol. This Decaytah Baby!!

All this pressure! Fix this, buy that, cook this, iron that, pay this, work these many hours, suck this - GET OFF MY BACK!!

Adulthood is not liberating, it's an electrical fence around HELL!!!!!!!

So what I can drink, drive (sometimes at the same time), Screw and Screw up my credit, have a place of my own to live by my damn self. I'm still not seeing the PLUSES!!

As of right this second I'd rather be sitting getting fussed at about not finishing my homework than the shit I got to deal with on the daily.

I now envy Mini-Me and want to go in there and drop kick her as she listens to her MP3 player without nary a care in her 12 year old world, lol.

This rant was brought to you by an



Proof that it ain't all it's cracked up to be - someone told her THIS was cute:

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