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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunset Monologue 129

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Blog Musical Mood: The Reflex - Duran Duran

Welcome to Happy Week. There will be no bitching or moaning on this here blog the next five days - I'll take note of stuff that deserves the sentiment, write it down and blow it all out this up coming weekend,lol. Sometimes we (I) spend more time than should be allotted focusing on everything wrong and bad and fustrating and sad -and the things that can and do bring us joy are thrust out the limelight. I want to really react off of this great mood I've been having and stay in the sunlight you know? I will dig into my memory banks, my current life and dream about my future time on this planet and just S-M-I-L-E!

Well yah girl got all gussied up to attend my jobs Holiday function. I had a very nice time, I enjoyed related to alot of people I only see during the day in this type of atmosphere. The day before we had a potluck and I brought homemade Chicken Pot Pie and my Curry Chicken Salad - I've been quite social lately during my day time hours - I guess it's the season....speaking of...

All this debate going on about whether or not to say Christmas or Holiday to 'accommodate' the melting pot that is America. Let me say for the record, that I suggest you say what you believe in, lol. I don't celebrate Christms, so why include me? It has no effect on me, lol lol. Call it what you call it.

Otherwise this weekend went well. It went fast too. I wonder is it because it gets darker earlier now. I keep saying it's Sunday Nite already.

Is it just me or should Duran Duran be the official musicians for Nip/Tuck? Everytime I see that show, I think of them - they just seem to fit that entire atmosphere. As well as only one more episode until the two hour season finale! My how time flies! Will we find out who the carver is? I hope so.

TV ALERT: January 1st started the next batch of celebrity on VH-1 which includes Celebrity Fit club with Temptess Bledsoe and Countess Vaugh and the Bachelor featuring Flava Flav, lol lol. Ain't no Bobby and Whitney but it will hold me over.

I remember sneaking and listening to Mudbone very very low for fear of being caught when I was little. I didn't and haven't had an enormous amount of expose to Richard Pryor in my life, but I was a fan of his boldness and his passion and his position in the comedy world. R.I.P Brotha!

I'm contemplating what I want to do while Mini-Me is gone. I always move out to Janet's palacious pad during this time - but I want to also incorporate some me time and maybe some time with an adult of the male species. I'll see what I can pull off.

I see the blog topic of the moment is all about mastubation - whew Lawd, has the winter cold made us hornier or something. I've seen convo about making this month do it once a week month, I've seen folks having to stop cause they have rubbed the skin off their joint, I've seen scientific conversation on the purpose and validity of doing the do. I've mentioned it subtly on here way back when I said that B.O.B. died (that's a Battery Operated Boyfriend, for those not in the know). So I'm a member,lol. Carry on strokers and pokers, lol lol.

I know, I know - I've been quite boring lately, lol lol. I just been chillin - tomorrow however I will start specific topics on the Happiness Train! I promise!

Thanks for continuing to read me - I DO appreciate it.

Before I go, I want to roll out my new alter-ego, because as I stated Mariah is giving me cloth burns from squeezing into Mini-Me's clothes. I considered taking back on Beyonce, but I want to stay young, lol lol Soooooooo...You may now call me....


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