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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sunset Monologue 125

Just Some Convo

Blog Musical Mood: Slow Wine - Toni Tony Tone

I've been feeling quite fetching lately, lol. My skin is so clear and my eyes are so bright. My breast are particularly perky as well. I do like my curves - I'm just a bit over a handful; a nice package to hold close, lol. I look in the mirror these days and say "you ain't a bad looking chica" LOL LOL. That feels good.

Do you have a blog ritual? As I sit here I am thinking of all the ways I get ready to get in the mood to blog, lol I know it ain' t that serious, lol

  • Get me something cold to drink

  • Turn on the Yahoo Music

  • Open up about three windows because while I blog I read other blogs and I might need an image or two

  • Clear my head and organize my thoughts

  • Take off one sock - the cool air on my foot helps me think, lol

  • It takes me about an hour to craft a specific subject and maybe shorter when it's random. I have fallen into the habit of doing some preliminary work in my head on the car ride home, now that's geeky, lol

    Am I feeling Adriana Evans or what?! When you click on the link, go down and check out her new video 7 days - Whew! Back in 1997 I fell in love with her single "Love is all around" I'm really feeling the urgency and strength of this song. As well as why am I fiending for Jamie Foxx?! His first CD was the bomb to me (and yea that says $54), just not his time - now it is and I can't wait till it drops.

    Saddaam told em go to hell - - now that's gangsta!

    I'm SOOO excited I'm a Decaturmunkee - I'll get to this before the weeks out. As well as I want to say to Twin, I am quite honored to be yah blogmomma :)

    So I'd like to get my bachelors in Language Arts (I have two years to go). I'll be looking for an online school that will help facilitate that - so if you know of one that's pretty good and accredited, please let me know. Thanks!

    Ok, why did no one tell me about "My Name is Earl" on NBC. Good Gracious! I thought I was going to stop breathing I was laughing so hard! Now that's some funny stuff - keeblers in their element. Not to mention, one of my favorite of all time shows Fear Factor is BACK! It's going to be off tha chain too. Oh yea baby!

    Why did it just come to my mind that lying is possible on blogs. I just approached the world of blogs as personal diaries/journals and who themself. I guess I should keep that thought process cause if it's just stories a person can make up - then I'm devasated.

    My new favorite Blog: Topmacknigga - cause I just like saying 'check a bitch monday' LOL LOL LOL Between that and the fantabulous way Trent cusses you out - I'm in heaven, lol.

    Hmmm soon I guess I have to compile all kinds of stuff looking back on 2005. I guess I'll start that on paper - someone come up with a Meme so I can fill in the blanks.

    Well - I have a lonnnng day tomorrow; Mini-me makes her halftime debut tomorrow evening dancing for both the girls and boys basketball team. Look out for those pictures tomorrow evening!

    Midnite it is -

    Had to come back because I got a treat for yah!

    Baby Daddy of the Week

    What a Xmas Present!

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