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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sunset Monologue 133

Happiness is Bliss

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Happiness Meter: 10

I'm over here smiling. Either I'm about to go into some kinda depression never heard of in my life - or all is well with the world. I do know it's mighty chilly in Decatur tonite (based on usual weather in Decatur) and I wish I had a fireplace.

I am actually liking my little blurps I'm giving. Me everyday kinda vibe. As much as it may appear - I don't spend all my time solving the worlds problems, sometimes I just take a seat and enjoy that world the way it is. I like beign among the people and sometimes I want to be incognegro and blend in seamlessly. I'm not exempt from the ills of my peeps - I just have been blessed to recognize some of it and all of it is not bad. I really am in a place where I'm accepting that and seeing where I fit in. Where does my puzzle piece fit. Now that doesn't mean that my shoulders won't droop again with the weight but what better time than the end of the year to take that heave ass overcoat off and run around in your drawers, lol

  • My entire post has been pre-empting by an episode of 'Trading Spouses' now Fox is the ultimate jacker - they will take anything and give it such a low class spin. A good sociological experiment like Wife Swap; they reduced to gutter trash. However, it has also given us some wonderful characters like the Church Lady and now..Ms. White Surburbanite. A white woman from the burbs trades places with a sista from harlem.

    Everyone looking crazy. The black family was a bit more concerned was she going to be fat and lazy while the white family was a bit more perplexed that she was black.

    white woman scared to cross the street to get coffee. White man has black woman cleaning and in the yard PICKING STRAWBERRIES while he stands there and eats them on first day! I was running around the room - not because I was shocked cause I know - but because I know,lol lol

    Fast forward to them going to the park they at the corner on Malcolm X Blvd. She asks "Who is Malcom X" Car gets quiet - then she goes "Did he ride the bus?" Now I'm on the floor laughing - it's so real out here - it's so in our face.....CUMBAHYAH MY ASS!!

  • Have you ever ran into someone and felt the drought about to end? Someone might be getting ready to have a GOOD ASS CHRISTMAS, lol lol Cause I'm in a Jolly Damn Mood, lol lol

  • Very Close to just going with this school....I am trying so hard not to overanalyze this and have charts and graphs of schools and talk myself out of it.

  • Had a hiccup with my Ebay purchase and it's jammed up my already tight funds. Good grief! Watch everything wanna clear tomorrow

  • Mini-me is booking her calendar faster than me, lol I gotta catch up

  • Comcast only cut the cable off - not the internet thus I still got phone - Friday get here so I can cut my shit back on! I've missed the season finale of Noah's Arc. Thank God for repeats!

  • I'm suppose to be downloading some stuff but I just want to lay in my I think that's what I'll do

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