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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sunset Monologue 132

Isa A Happy...

Blog Musical Mood: This Christman - Donny Hathaway

Happiness Meter: 8

Whoop That Trick Tuesday (had to get me a funny line like Topmack) went quite well. I've moved on to playing Kem's Heaven every morning on the way to work - what a beautiful song, just sends chills.

I'm finding that focusing on happiness is not that hard at all. I can't focus on one particular topic, lol but snippets of happiness happen every day. I guess I'll just leave the 'topics' for next week.

  • Went to the recital this evening. I feel good in knowing that the sacrafice might put me behind in this rat race, but not missing these moments in Mini-Me's life are worth it. These babies sounded so bad - it was GREAT! LOL LOL. The 1/2 of the gym they used was packed and it was nice to see every one I wish the invitation could specify no niggaz, dang why they got to show up EVERYWHERE! They did the entire spectrum of Holiday songs. The light in their eyes as they looked out at us weary parents was worth it.

  • You can now refer to me as:

    Your Porn Star Name Is...

    Cumisha Jones
    What's Your Porn Star Name?

  • My Reputation is at best:
    Your Reputation Is: Maneater

    You're the kind of girl all the chicks hate...
    And guys are both scared of you yet strangely drawn in.
    What's Your Reputation?

  • Happiness Is...Discoverying who Justin Slayer is!! Bestow my Heart. I need to get me some freakier friends. I can't believe I've been walking this earth and had never ran into his work. Long Lean and Chocolate. Oh I'm getting faint - let me move on (but I got that sucker froze on one particular part - only a GROWN MAN can pull that stunt off, lol lol

  • I need to stay away from EBAY - but I shole is happy I have joined the game

  • I'm chit chatting with four Brothers I met at the 'club'. Doesn't matter at this point who they are. I'm just conversing - the two that I want to talk to, I haven't started up with as of yet, but having new candidates for "Pam's Next Top Relationship" is refreshing. I'm just taking mental notes and working my way thru and we shall see what the fall out is

  • Ever had something look like it was going to be so good, but the moment you eat the first forkful, know that it's soo good - it's going to make a comeback you are going to with you were dead? Yea last stall on the left got a workout today damn!

  • Spending while Mini me is gone: $200, Having an unexpected bill show up: $250; Realizing you only have $60 bucks but not even care & neither do your friends: Priceless

  • I spoke to the admissions offices and I could be in school by January. I have to research this some more. I don't want to make a rash decision. I am going back however.

  • My review is Thursday - CHANNELING THE HAPPINESS!!

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