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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 68

Go Get A Switch!

Blog Musical Mood: This Love is Forever - Howard Hewitt

Man did Howard not have some good songs be it with Shalamar or solo? Where the hell is Jeffery Daniels? Man I wanted him bad! LOL. Sooo - I'm home today, still on work sleep schedule (even after those couple of cranberry and stolies I had last evening) so I'm up. Not to mention there is 2 hrs left on the phone I want on Ebay so I have to monitor that, lol - which is nerve wracking. Some bobo tried to outbid me in the midnite hour but I got back on top still within my budget!

Haven't heard from Mini-me's ass, lol. She's with my Brother because my mom went out of town - so being in a minimal parental environment with her cousins is making her heady I suppose. What's funny is that Mini-me wants parental supervision, she's told me this - she wants me involved in her life. I like that because as we know - that's sure as hell gonna change, lol lol.

I think I've said it before and I'll say it again - exactly what's so exciting about living alone?! This is boring as hell!! and I'm convinced that some of ya'll lying about the benefits, lol. Ain't that many friends, lovers, books, computers, parties, liquor cabinets in the world! I like having someone in the house with me. I know for a fact I'd probably have a roommate if I were in that situation. Just to hear someone - but then again - they would definately get on my nerves, lol So here comes a PET,lol.

Everytime Mini-me leaves I think about a pet, lol then I think about they are expensive, they lick their own genitals, throw up and other nasty ass shit and the thought goes away, lol.

I know it's the end of the year and I should be writing all this prolific shit about the year. Well you got the interview (I will answer questions from there tomorrow) and you'll get my year end review and that's that, lol. I haven't just freestyled in awhile so that's what you get today.

I went to the "High School" and got someone to beat me about the back and neck about school - so I called and got the application which has to be turned in on Friday and I'll fill it out over "Janets" this evening so that I will get it done. So hopefully January 17th I will be starting classes! I did open a dedicated email account for this venture so that's a plus!

The club is on a 14 day countdown starting TODAY! I have stepped in so much sticky gummy gooey toxic waste that my skin is glowing - but I say this all the time, lol I don't know why I keep venturing there - keeping hope alive is alot harder - I have to confer with Jessie on this one in 2006.

Today is get out and about day. I am going to the mall, mentally spend a portion of my income tax check, have me some lunch (I love applebee's honey glazed salmon) and just kinda hang out with myself. I'm glasses, leather jacket and jeaned down today - got my smile in full blast and my energy is quite receptive, I'm looking forward. Then it's head on out to "Janets" and watch her sleep, lol.

Ohh I'm getting Mini-me a cell phone. After she came strollin in here at midnite that night and didn't call me because the girl moms didn't have a cell phone - it became apparant I needed to go ahead and addres this. However, she has to earn it. I will be using the demerit system. Mini-me is divalazy - thats different than lazy because divalazy is that they do things that benefit them. So I have made a list of all the stuff I'm always getting on her about and from the time she gets back until Saviours Day in February I will be taking a point for having to speak to her, nag her etc. I was going to just give her my own Metro but then I got to thinking and a pre-paid would be better so that we have a phone that works outside of Georgia when we travel - so I'll go that route. I got all kinds of information from Target on phones, they all the same - I'll do a comparison chart.

And finally - ending the man/woman thing on a LOW NOTE for 2005. Here's a convo I had last night after some preliminary convo me and 'bad decision' did this:

HIM: I probably won't be able to come over till later, I gotta do some stuff.
ME: (conflicted anyway) Hey why don't we just call it off, maybe tomorrow I'm not
feeling all to hot anyway.
HIM: What's wrong?
ME: I just got a stuffy nose is all
HIM: Yea folks got stuff because of the changing weather. I'm going to have to put your face in a pillow and get it from the back because I don't want to get sick
ME: Um What?! I'm not looking for any maintenance or a human vibrator I got one.....
HIM: Girl I'm just playing
ME: Um, I gotta go

See him in the club and send a message on a cocktail napkin:

"Hey I thought about it and that crack you made along with another one leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I really don't want to end 2005 or bring in 2006 with my face in a pillow so a person won't get sick. So take care Bro! I wish you good tidings and peace in 2006...."


The pimps and the playettes probably are thinking I over reacted and that's why I can't find nobody because I'm too uptight and you can bring out your DAT 808's at any moment and add a funky hip hop beat to my madness....

I'm not impressed cause a man wants to fuck me -

Besides I deserve more (by my own calculation). I deserve a man to be intrigued by me and pursue me and call me in the afternoon just to say hi. To be able to sit around and laugh and talk and vibe, to know that I can call him and it won't be awkward, he ain't trippin, that there are no 10 rules to being a fuck buddy wallet insert so I won't forget.

So I'm thru for 2005, I don't want to see no parts of a man right now. I want to end my year and bring it in with my friends, myself, my God and my sanity.

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