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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sunset Monologue 136

Hit Em Wit The Heee

Blog Musical Mood: Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart

Hmmm I still have on my favorite PJ bottoms and a T-shirt and I don't give a damn! Today was the first day of Vacation Part One. I just wanted to kinda lounge, but tomorrow I'm getting out the house. Daytime TV sucks big time - I just thought I'd say that. If you are not into soaps then you are pretty much ass out. I am in a pretty good mood. Have a headache simmering off in the distance - but I hope that will go away soon. Well after that LONG ASS entry yesterday I will keep it brief, lol.

  • Kinja is back up! New interesting format if I say so myself. It did capture all of my stuff and I've spent some time reading - I'm so glad to see Frank Leon back. I missed him terribly.

  • Nip/Tuck Season Finale got a bit tonque in cheekish for me during the reveal of The Carver. I thought it would be to easy to have Quentin as the He, but of course that was the case - He just looked at the camera looking smirky instead of deranged, lol.I'm more concerned about 1. kimbers new 'attitude', 2. The rest of Matt's crazy story; 3. What's wrong with Julia's baby - because whatever that Dr. told her is what made her change her mind about that deed. She ain't slick. Oh and if Quentin isn't a cautionary tale about 'inspecting the package' before you get down - I don't know what is. The man has no penis! Personally Kit is more sick than him to me, lol

  • Am I quivering at the fact that "Bobby Brown's Christmas" will be on Bravo tonite at 11pm - what a treat! HELL TO THE NAW!

  • I've entered the world of EBAY. It's not that difficult, except you do become obsessed with watching your stuff. I have like 6 phones 6 days out from final bid on watch. I want to be able have it roll into my pay week. I'm getting me a phone dammit! I don't ask for alot in terms of material, but I want back the fun phone.

  • Damn I have got to drop in all my stuff to the left. I want to get me a flicka acount as well - there's somethign to do over these holidays

  • I'm looking forward to going out to 'Janet's' kicking up my feet and falling dead asleep like a bear in front of the fireplace

  • I am NOT looking forward to another New Year countdown where I kiss myself. I always dream of the well-timed two person orgasm just as the clock hits midnite - -

  • Ocean Spray has made a sparkling Cranberry Juice Cocktail and I've been doing it 1940's housewife style. Got so tipsy (from the splash of Vodka I added) just walking around the house I had to take a nap, to get sober enough to get ready for bed, lol

  • Why am I procrastinating on this whole school thing? I am so scared of the notion of L-O-A-N-S. I am so broke I can't see over the hump, but I'm going to call her tomorrow so I can get the app fee waived and get it going

  • Deal or No Deal on NBC is bad for the heart, lol. I love these type of shows and I hope like Millionaire - it gets enough steam to come on more than this one week. Howie Mandell with a baldie - alrighty now.

  • Who Knew I was in a Blog Beauty Pagent. Not I said the contestant.

  • Someone actually googled my blog,lol I wonder how I feel about that? I wonder how I feel about my presence on the worldwide web? Folks are hitting my spot everyday, from everywhere for everything. Will this come back to haunt me?

  • Mary J. Blige was so beautiful on Tyra today. (Um sidebar, Tyra needs to make sure she has a backup plan). I feel bad that I actually said Mary needs to stay in hell so she can 'sound' better. To wish someone not grow to satisfy me the consumer - is a horrible thing. Especially after I looked in that sistas eyes and saw peace. Bad Bad Pam. Want for your sista what you want for yourself!

  • I need to really evaluate what it is that I want from a male/female thing, because it's become so convuluted that I no longer know. I just go thru the motions now, not feeling, not living, not anything. I really need to mourn the fact that the picket fence has NIGGA spray painted on it, the two car garage is full of junk and the man is next door screwing someone else's wife. How do I derive some happiness out of that jumbled mess?

  • Before I go and buff my nails - This is taken without permission but with LOTS of PROPS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS from The Emancipation of Professor GQ's Spot. I found this Hilarious and I wanted to share the Blog Commandments:

    The Ten Blog Commandments

    1. Thou shalt not type a long post without paragraph breaks, multiple ellipses, and run-on sentences. (I know you ain't writin' an English essay, but do us readers a favor and make the reading a lil' easy.)

    2. Thou shalt not have more than 50% depressing, sad or angry posts in your blog within the last thirty days. (A blog is a form of self-expression, but a blogger who types negative posts consistently must see a psychiatrist for mental help.)

    3. Thou shalt not load your blog with more than twelve photos or photos over 100K in byte size, including banners and integral parts of the blog layout. (Everyone doesn't have high-speed internet connections, and those who have can be impatient for a page that takes more than 30 seconds to load.

    4. Thou shalt be respectful of fellow bloggers and potential readers of your blog. (It is okay to talk about other people on you blog without purposely insulting the subjects. Waging war is a no-no.)

    5. Thou shalt not type posts that will take more than five minutes to read. (You do want to keep people interested in your blog? Well, keep it short and keep it moving!)

    6. Thou shalt respond to blogs that refers to the post. (What do you mean by "nice post" and "great blog"? "Thanks for stopping by my blog" is better to send as an email to your visitors and not a post to a visitor's blog about President Bush, hip-hop music or religion.)

    7. Thou shalt announce vacations, returns and closings of your blog activities. (The readers would like to know why haven't you been blogging.)

    8. Thou shalt have a legible design and layout on your blog. (Is using eight font types and colors really necessary? Also see #3.)

    9. Thou shalt realize what you say in your blog can be used against you. (Think twice before hitting that publish button.)

    10. Thou shalt not be offended when you read blogs. (You are reading mostly opinions unless someone is saying slanderous things with the intention of hurting your reputation or livelihood. Therefore, have thick skin!!!)

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