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Monday, December 26, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 66

Joy To The World

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Six Days! Six Days 2006 you're on! Hey peeps! I am sitting here listening to my MP3 player in my PJ's at....Janets. My pre-40 sleep schedule is in full effect. Early to bed, Early to rise, lol So not even the dog is up yet! So why not blog? I've only blogged from my work and home computer so this is like 'doing it' in someone else's bed to me,lol. Hey I also finally finished the left side,so be sure to lean to the left as you look around. So without further adieu...


Kwanzaa is an African-American cultural holiday which originated in 1966. Created by Dr. Maulana Karenga, Kwanzaa is celebrated from Dec. 26 - Jan. 1. Each day of the celebration focuses on one of seven principles ("Nguzo Saba"). The name, "Kwanzaa", is taken from the Swahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza" which means "First Fruits"

As I went up the esclator at the airport yesterday morning, my heart was pounding. The thing I hate about Hartsfield-Jackson is that you just never know what you are going to encounter. I was hoping with all my being that everyone left the 24th and luck was on my side! We ended up getting upstairs by 8:00 for a 9:15 flight. So we drank hot drinks and ate muffins and watched CNN, lol. I feel good that I can provide mini-me (and yes sometimes by cutting it wayyy to close) with the type of lifestyle and class training (which say what you want means something in this world) that (1) I was afforded and (2) that I want her to have. She got to Philly just fine and is already hitting her Grandmom up because I received a voice mail at 11:30pm talking bout 'can you tell Grandma where you found that That's So Raven stuff on the net?" LOL LOL LOL She'll be back 1/4/2006.

So I stroll into Janet's and begin putting my stuff up. She starts asking me about when can mini-me babysit and I'm like she too scary right now, I'll start working on her so she might could when she's 13 and then I ask why? Which opened the door to the most precious gift on a semi-warm Christmas Day....JANET IS GONNA HAVE A BABY!! Wow! I hugged her sooo hard as we looked at the little ultrasound picture that she's framed (I LOVE first time moms). This is sooo exciting. I ran upstairs to congratulate JD on a job well done. I started putting little things together like why everytime we spoke, she was either about to take a nap, just finishing a nap or wishing for a nap lol . This definately will make the summer interesting since she's due in August. We'll have to do some revamping of my I turned 40 extravaganza - and I've promised her that I will take responsibilty for all the drinking she is missing (and I started last nite).

Now this is really cool because it also represents a genetic change in her family. Now though they are referred to as Janet and JD here for fun purposes (well and she really believes she's a kindred spirit to the gal, lol). In actuality Janet is 4'11 and JD is 6'4. Noone in Janet's immediate family is taller than 5'3 - soooo she's about to have a GIANT. We've confirmed they are not twins (which also runs heavily in her family) or I would be writing this from her invalid bed, lol. I am SOOO happy and I didn't even have to get pregnant myself.

Well it was a good Christmas - time to get my family fill. We went over "Rebe's" House and had a good time. These times are when I miss my family of yesteryear. We ate, bopped around, loud and free and then got into our yearly playing of some board game. This year was 'Battle of the Sexes' and that always gets wild!! Couple that with an apple martini in a tumbler and six shots in a juice glass and you got a splendid night! I got reall tipsy and seeing as we all had to go drink in front of "Janet' for effect - a good night was had by all.

I remember when my family would get together and it would just be laughter and my brother would be in rare form. I couldn't breathe for laughing so hard. Its not like we don't get together now, but (1) they start working my nerves (2) there is just this undercurrent of 'tension' among us all because we don't really hang or be together except for 'events'. The only good thing is that now we will drink and that certainly takes the edge off,lol lol.

So it was fulfilling being around folks who get together just because they are family, they all speak frequently and are not waiting on 'the other one'. They know what's going on in each others lives and it matters to them. Did my soul some good.

I really need to do some soul searching for 2006 about my own siblings and those relationships - - but not today, lol.

While in my 'haze' last night I spent some time thinking bout 'mobetta'. I won't go into detail but it's a difficult time for him right now - ya'll send some good vibes his way....

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