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Friday, December 23, 2005

Sunset Monologue 138

In Da Club

Blog Musical Mood: At Your Best - Aaliyah

Hey peeps! I know alot of you are either on your way to family, cleaning up for family, overwelmed at the malls or sitting back having a nice cocktail like yah sis here. I went out for fish this evening (afterall it IS Friday) and noticed that I must live on Scrooge Lane,lol Only one house on my block has lights.

As I was listening to Aaliyah (and as a joke apparently - launch played R. Kelly next) I realized that she had alot of music. I made a compilation of all the songs I enjoyed by her and was blown away by how many I had. I do wonder where and what she would be doing right about now.

Well I am still obsessing over a phone. Now I've moved on to the newest phone Metro has to offer. Only one on Ebay and I've checked it throughly. I'm not sweating it - I set my maximum bid and I'll let it ride. Me seeing some 16 year old at the fish shop DID NOT help matters. Who buys this stuff for these kids!? That phone is over $200!

Soooooo - I've been hanging out at 'the club' long enough to (1) have an opinion and (2) be just about bored. I'm actually glad about the bored part - it no longer holds the kinda interest it used to. That's a good thing. Let me tell you though:

  • How about the 15 year old female, who using fake ID got in and exclaimed to me "Aren't you too old to be up in this joint?!" - you can see my jaw drop right? Now the kicker is at least three of the words were spelled wrong - "Shouldn't she be spending more time in school than in the club?"

  • Much global love to my African Brothers - but no personal love. Sorry, but cultural differences can be more weighty than racial differences. Not to mention, I really look to the male child of a former slave because they..get it.

  • The conversation is so boring and mundane. Has not a brotha's rap changed in the wha...last three years? I keep having these visions of The Five Heartbeats - when JT is mad because Bro is taking all the women and Duck says "you got that same ole tired rap" LOL. It fustrates me that the first thing men do is try to see how tight the waistband on your panties are. The game of making a woman feel 'old fashioned' if she doesn't want to entertain that is tired

  • Exactly how do you get across to a man your 'vision', but not start your own tired rap about finding someone 'special'?

  • I've become so 'suspicious' - I HATE feeling that way. The goal now is to not get dogged and it's still a crap shoot. For Example: Bro throwing MUCH shade my way - dammit - made a bad choice.

  • Always on the receiving end of being ass out - is - shitty

  • How do you 'hold the pocketbooks' in a cyber club? Somebody tell me

  • Isn't internet communication the equivalent of tossing paper in the wind. It's so easy to bounce it back there - folks meet and are back on in a matter of minutes after parting. If you have MET why are you still doing most of your communicating online (and I'm guilty of this sometimes as well).

  • How do you assert yourself without 'ramifications'

  • Can you be too square and too nice and still survive out here in the dating game?

  • Have I 'eaten' an idea and now have morphed into it to my own detriment? It's so easy to look up and have fell in the bed with man after man after man, and today men just don't give a damn - so how do you balance wanting the touch of a man with wanting the clearness of your conscious

  • I really really really am totally perplexed at how men today - can really not give a damn about anything but a nut. It seems so 'sinister' the mode operandi that is used today and quite frankly frightening. The argument that they are built like that has validity to a point, but I really think alot of Brothas have taken it to a new level and feel as if there should be no reprecussions for their actions and I wonder who to blame that on.......sistas! I have a right to call you (thought NO I HAVEN'T DONE THAT - FUCK IT) and have you explain your actions. You should be made to be accountable for the bullshit, you know this. The facade it's as simple as we are all adults and let the chips fall where they may is equivalent to Santa Claus to me - sounds good, makes you all excited but what a fucking let down when you find out they don't even exist.

  • I already see, the drinks are getting weak, the music is not slammin and the crowed is getting tiresome. I won't be chillin at that spot long.

  • I know, I'm whining a bit and laced in there is my own disappointment over what did and didn't go down, but I made the choice and I accept my responsiblity - however, I, as always - find this a unique medium to give a view from the inside looking out and it's not always "yea I fucked that nigga......." Believe it or not the majority of us struggle constantly with how to make a somewhat wise decision.

    Well 'da club' is dry, the TV is dry, The phone is quiet, all my other spots are dead, I'm not sleepy/hungry/horny....Damn what's a broad to do?

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