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Monday, January 02, 2006

Sunset Monologue 140

Onward! Upward! and....Outward!

Blog Musical Mood: Off The Wall - Michael Jackson

Like my first musical mood would not be him,lol. HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!! I hope that your Holiday Festivities went well. I hope that the second day of 2006 still has you anticipating the new year and that you haven't already went the road of 'aw hell another fucked up year'. alot of us are back in the work saddle tomorrow and as per Cosmo Magazine here are some quick tips to make that go smoothly: (1) Take it easy - spend 15 minutes chattign with coworkers i the am, you'll feel relaxed and back in the loop;(2)Start with something you love - kick off your comback by tackling an assignment you enjoy; (3) Stretch out your mellow mindset - Focus on how refreshed the days off have left you; (4) Plot your next escape - make future plans, like a spring trip etc. OR use my method and CALL IN SICK! LOL LOL

I won't give a blow by blow - noone wants to hear all of that, lol I need to catch up with my favorites and see what you all did but in the meantime here's what's been happening in my world!

I just got in from "Janets" Today. Been out there since Friday night after coming from a twilight zone hair appt. Drinking Henny and Coke, listening to an old, not cute female mack and chillin. Some years we've spent as party central, some years have been low key and quiet, well this year we ate way to damn much!! I have no idea why the theme to bring out 2005 was gluttony, but it worked. A fine opportunity to just eat away all the ills of 2005 and then before the week is out empty it all out and start new colon fresh, lol.

First up we went to Fire of Brazil. Now I'm sure you all have heard of this type of restaurant as have I but I had not had the opportunity to actually and that's not a place you take a date, lol You got to know each other well, lol. Here's how it works for those not in the know. It's all you can eat. There is a wonderful salad bar that has everything but everyday salad fixings. You are sitting at the table and they give you a card. One side is red and one side is green. At this time, men start walking around with giant skewers of meat and if your card is showing green - they are at your table slicing meat for you that you take with the tongs provided. This is heaven for an Atkins person, lol Meat and Salad. Lawd have mercy!

I had lamb, beef and turkey. They they play the theme from Fear Factor (lol) and the exotic meats come out: Elk, Deer, Ostrich, Alligator etc. now couple that with 5 giant wine glasses of Sangria and I was too thru! LOL LOL I have never been that full in my life. Then we had the nerve to have dessert! Enough food to feed a small army and $318 later - we rolled each other out of there. Made a stop and then headed on to "Janet" to bring in the year.

We sat around watching Notorized on BET, and all the New Year shows and became emotional when Dick Clark came on. It was going to be a good year - cause it ain't no year unless Dick Clark says it is. We had such a good time just dancing to videos remembering stuff from 2005 and looking forward to 2006. "Janet" and I really need our own show, lol.

New Years day - "JD" and I spent alot of quality conversation time together because basically "Janet" is in a pregnancy induced coma most of the time, lol. Later on we went to "JD" parents home where basically we had Thanksgiving again! I will say this - all that good food we had the night before, there is still nothing like a good HOME COOKED MEAL. Turkey, dressing, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole. I just keep saying Whew! We then piled in the nice comfy family room and watched "Tombstone". "I'll be your huckleberry". We had a good time.

I spoke to "Mini-me" New Years eve and day and she's doing fine, but I do think she's ready to come home. She'll be home Wednesday.

I took the time to program my new celly and took some pictures. I know I should be able to take better pictures than the ones I have posted, so I'll be experimenting with that.

Went to my favorite Walmart in the midnight hour with "Janet" where we did some shopping and bopped around.

I came on home today because I really just wanted to be in my own space. Do some things around here, go grocery shopping etc.

I haven't spent alot of time reflecting or anything, but I did say that I might have to adopt a more aggressive, meaner edge to me and my motto for this year keeps leaning towards 'fuck it'. I will work on that - because that's not me - and until I realize that ME is just fine - I'll be at square one and I'm suppose to be someplace else by the time I turn 40. This is about the Emancipation of Pammie Dammit!

there is nothing wrong with being me! There is nothing wrong with being me! and it's your lost be it male or female if you decide to hate, unappreciate, or negate that!

Ya'll keep it toasty this evening!

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