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Friday, January 06, 2006

sunset Monologue 143

To the window...To the wall!

Just in time to celebrate my matriculation back into school, I got invited to this:

"The 3rd Annual Stone Mountain-Lithonia Alumni's
Kappa Alpha Psi Founders Day Mixer".

The occasion will be held at the ever-so-plush
Leopard Lounge - Downtown Atlanta.
Doors open @ 6 p.m.

Please join us as we celebrate 95 years of continued achievement in our
community. Before you head home after work, stop by the Leopard Lounge and
celebrate with the Kappas!!!

This event WILL start on time. Please arrive early to mingle--last year, the
"other" venue was so packed they ran out of liquor!

Now I am not a person that really goes out during the week, it's so much of a hassle, but this was calling my name - so I got it together and after driving to the very edge of the universe to hook up with my friend - we were off. My friend 'Regine' (this name is based on her love and ability to rock a wig) is not a party person at all - she's actually into the Church, so this was going to be interesting on two fronts. We were discussing what to drink and I let her know that with her not being in this type of life - while I was going to stick to drinking the devil's brew - she should stick to Jesus Juice for sure!

Ok, fuck the blow by blow!

OH MY DAMN! OH MY DAMN! OH MY DAMN! It was overwelming! There was so much testerone in that room, if I had of been ovulating I would be pregnant this morning just on GP. This was the drill of every woman who walked in that door; (1) look around (2) Swoon (3) Open cell phone and start texting frantically - get up! get dressed! Get down here! LOL LOL LOL

I had such a good time. There were so many blackmen, in so many different shades, flava, etc. It was a cornucopia of the heaven that is He. I was damn near speaking in tongues, lol. Brothers in suspenders and bowties, blazers, wonderful thick sweaters with skullies, sexy mofo's wearing hats cocked so fierce you wanted him to take it all off and just keep the damn hat on, lol and every woman in that room felt like a queen! We were so well taken care of. It relaxed us so much that we just walked around grinning and speaking to each other - it was quite cool.

My friend and I were almost never without some bros to talk to and let me tell you - it was so needed in my life, ya'll dont' know (oops ya'll do know, lol). I needed to get the fuck off the net and get out around some men. It made me think while I was there last night (in between trying to keep from drooling) that I might (1) be misintrepreting the 'internet' persona of men and (2) I might have a touch of.....bitterness in my pocket. Yea I said it. Now what's interesting is that I haven't pinpointed exactly what I'm bitter about - I've been calling it fustration and I am leaning more towards that definition. Am I bitter because I can't seem to get even close to what I desire or am I bitter because I'm mad I don't know how or wo't admit I know how to play the game...but I digress back to the subject at hand.

We danced, did a little drinking and just soaked and basked in the glory of the blackman. I know it shouldn't be a shock - but I tell yah they were so considerate of all the ladies, no overt macking or anything.

Of course I had to run into who must have been the FIRST Kappa ever, lol because that's who I attract. We danced a couple of times and he was very drunk so when he tried to grab me and stick his tongue down my throat (luckily he lost his balance) his fellow Nupes were on him and escorted him upstairs for some fresh air.

I crawled into bed about 12:45 or so and didn't bathe, why? because I so smelled like good cologne and 'man' that I wanted my bed to smell like it,lol. I didn't fall asleep until like 3am because I was soo charged from the vibe and the man essence in that room - it took a long time to come down...a long time.

I am SOO excited about 2006. So excited!

I am going to chill out this weekend - the hawk has reappeared to remind us it IS January, lol. Mini-me is back in the spot. Last night washed some sense and validation over me and humbled me to the realization that everyday is a day to discover, UNlearn, and GROW. I'll examine the bitter/fustration later on down the line - right now - I just want to snuggle up in the memory of my nite with the Kappas :) Ya'll have a wonderful weekend! and I'll see yah on Sunday with a Postscript to the 'My Daddy' story - thanks to everyone who commented!

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