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Monday, January 09, 2006

Sunset Monologue 145

Brain Fart

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What's Happening Peeps! Well this was my first full day back at the gig. It's already been too long, lol lol. Nah it went pretty quick. We've been having some kinda very weird weather down here - I have no idea what's up with that. I feel like I gotta wear boots and a swimsuit with a hat to keep from catching cold.

I'm having a major blog brain fart and really have no concrete topic to discuss - so as always bear with me - one will surface soon.

Welp, my favorite channel 'LOGO' is premiering "Transgeneration" this evening and I've been looking forward to this - so let me go clean up the kitchen,get me some water and get settled on the couch for that one.

I haven't given you any eye-candy in a minute so let me blast yah for 2006 (one of these is courtesy Rod 2.0 - he gonna make me get a concussion, trying to lick the computer screen).

For 2006, I need to be inclusive of all my audience - so here's one for the Fellas (They won't show up all the time, but I'll give ya'll some cause I loves Ya'll)


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