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Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunset Monologue 153

What's the Rule?

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What a messed up Monday, weather wise. Atlanta folks can barely drive in the sun on dry land, let it rain, lol might as well get a bat and fuck your own car up, avoid the pressure. Otherwise things are going cool.

Took my first test today - got a "B" on my first test and 70% on my writing proficiency. Isn't that interesting? I need 75% to avoid taking 100 series English. What was the tripping point? Grammar. Hmmm, I thought I was using grammar in my day to day life; apparently, not college level. I have to past the test by the end of the course and that I will do, but dang!

That was my first link to the title of this blog entry. My second one is an interesting conversation with someone. Me and 'Morehouse Man' met awhile ago when I was hanging out at another hot spot; it was a conversation that was brief and scattered. We 'reconnected' at the 'club' and exchanged numbers again. We went to lunch once, based on IM conversation. It was a nice lunch. I got the impression neither one of us was overwelmed, but there was no sign of being underwelmed - so cool.

There was a lull - ok; life goes on. So several weeks pass. There are no calls, no ask to go out again etc. etc. So I'm like cool - - moving on in the dating relm. Someone else asks me and shows strong interest, good for him. He calls and asks me again, good for him.

Now a couple of days ago "Morehouse Man" needs a favor. I say I'll look into it, because I understand. Well then we start to chat. There's brief convesation and then he inquires am I cheating on him? I'm looking at the box like huh? I can't cheat on someone who has not made it known I'm their woman, lol.

In a nutshell, I took this opportunity to explain that I don't understand the notion these days that a person is suppose to 'read minds' to figure out what the intent is. If you are interested, then I certainly got no clue as to that! I'm dating, thus I'm continuing to do that - as janky and uneven as my dating life can be - I'm trying to get out there. He explains that, he is interested, but that he is in no financial condition to date and he needs to have his scrilla (that's my urban word of the week folks) straight. So then my thought becomes, so you are mature enough to let that be known - yet you would like your hat thrown into the competition. Well go ahead, because it's not about money, but actions and intent.

He then decides to 'concede' and maybe another time. Okayyyyyy - Did he just make a move and then quit me all in one sentence? I'm at a total loss, as to what that was about. I still say - if a person is interested and neither one of you give any signals that they are a swamp pony then go for yours! PURSUE ME! I hung up the pursuit hat. I'll let you know the coast is clear and that's about it. I'm not calling you all the time, I'm not suggesting going out opportunities, I'm not driving cross country, I'm not doing those things - if you are not doing anything in return.

Have I received a phone call...nope - which to me shows intention, because I've had men be like OH SHIT! and call and put their thang down and recapture my attention.....Oh well, we can be friends. I do need to know him, he has a service I might need for the B'day fandango, but somewhere in there - wires got crossed.

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