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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 161

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Well I'm about to go here and I want to preface it with I am not disrespecting the dead, but I am questioning how we put the dead to rest. I've been, like the rest of America, watching and listening to the 'homecoming' of our dearly departed Mrs. Coretta Scott King. It has been going on for the past week. Now since 11am est this morning the actual furneral. I printed out the 28 page program because I want to put it up with my paper the day Princess Diana died, my paper of the Day Mike got burned on the Pepsi Set, My paper of Tupac being shot and killed etc. etc. These are important passages in my lifetime.

HOWEVER, as we roll into the FOURTH HOUR of this. I'm getting agitated. Exactly how long does it take to bury someone? Now let me say off the bat that me not being Christian, maybe I just don't get it, we get our bodies in the ground immediately as the Jews do. This poor woman has had folks gawking at her body for darn near a week now. How much longer must her children see her in Couldn't this have been done after a small private furneral? Shouldn't this have been done, say after the first stroke when she could have known before she DIED in this big wonderful way - what she meant to us and the world? Seems a bit after the fact, except I do understand the concept that no matter what she did, it pales to this 'homecoming' (yes you can insert me rollin my eyes at this point and sarcasm is duly noted).

They shut down Dekalb Cty schools due to security risks and the fact that we can't drive in the summer on dry road with us being the only one on the road Lord knows we can't drive now. For the first time in I can't even remember - we are getting all day traffic reports.

I'm kinda sitting over in the cut, keeping to myself about this - you gotta be careful about this subject because it ranks in the top three of things to not discuss with negroes right up there with their minister and their intrepretation. But I've just come to my handy dandy blog to say LET THIS WOMAN REST!!!

They will be showing a repeat of the furneral at 8pm est on CSPAN

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