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Friday, March 03, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 171

Cornbread, Earl, Me, the camcorder, God and Oh My Own Personal Superman

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Mini-me let's go get a cab. suitcase - check, garment bag - check, carryon bag - check, camcorder bag - check. Whew am I looking forward to getting home. Hmmm, no this man does not have SHAG CARPET in this van. Daydreaming, Daydreaming...looking at the meter. Whew look at my little house! Glad to see yah! Thank you sir - I only have $39.55 of the $40 cab fare - thanks again. OH MY GOD! WHERE IS THE CAMCORDER CASE?! Wait Wait Sir I left something in your cab (puff puff running out into street)

And there I stood at the end of my driveway. I had made it all the way to my front door with no incidence only to leave my brand new digitial camcorder and my regular digital camera in the cab. My mind was going crazy because in my haste to just get home I (1) had no idea what cab company I used, (2) had no idea of any numbers for the cab (3) didn't know the cab drivers name. What I had was (1) He was bald and African (2) drove a conversion van with shag carpet and captains seats with a TV in the middle (YIKES) and (3) it was white. So there you have it. I immediately thought he might be going back to Amtrak to try to make some more money off the train, so I hopped in my car and with mini-me in tow and my heart just racing, I took off to the downtown area. I pull up at Amtrak and it is.....deserted! I go in and tell them my situation and they stare back at me, but a brother tells me there's a brother who is really helpful and he tells me about another brother who kinda hangs with the cab drivers and that he'll let him know to be on the lookout. I give them all my 'information' and file a claim with Amtrak. He tells me that they sometimes move over to the Greyhound Station - so I decide what the hell, I'm going over there.

Now is where it gets interesting...I give LA's Finest a call, I'm distraught as I tell him what happened and he wants to know where I am and then he says "I'm on my way" In all honestly , I'm looking at the phone like...really? I get to Greyhound and I ask around. In the meantime, Mini-me has told me that she thinks his name is Babtunde Johnson and that she was reading his license and laughing cause who would have an african name and then...Johnson. So I go with that - her comprehending score was freshman in college OBVIOUSLY more than my ass, lol. I am walking across the street and there he stands LA'S Finest. He hugs me and asks me questions and his presence immediately calms me down. It's not that he could do anything, but that he left his job to come comfort me. Mind you - I'm looking like a big huge boiling pot of H.A.M. I just got off a train for Gods Sake. I had on my glasses, a sweat suit that effectively needed to be burned and my hair looked like A bad day for Al Sharpton - but hey too late now. Seeing as it was a lost cause. I decided to go on home. I knew with the limited information I had, it was basically a wrap.

La's Finest checked in several times once I got home to see if anything had turned up and how was I doing. I had taken a hot shower by then and began the 'speech' about it's just material things etc. etc. BUT I WANTED MY SHIT BACK! I actually thought about 'Chubby' and her situation when she got back from Atlanta. I was just so ass outttttttt!! I then gave it to God. I had just come up off of a religious event - I had to have shined in God's eyes some kinda way. It was His Word on the Videotape. I couldn't sleep so I cleaned. I unpacked, I did things. When I'm stressed I carry it in my neck and arms and they were painful to the touch. Mini-me was blaming herself for not looking around before she got out. It was a Hot mess up in Camp Pammie.

My cell phone ringing broke me out of my fog - I answered "This is the cab driver. Someone found me, I'm out at the airport and I have your bag" I literally burst into tears (and ya'll know I ain't a crier). I could not believe it. It was a needle in a haystack at best. He was going to charge me $40 to bring it to me or he could drop it off at the Amtrak. I chose the latter. I called LA's Finest and he proceeded to tell me to give him the number etc. and he was going to the airport to pick it up! I told him to slow down, I was having the man go to the Amtrak.

I called Amtrak and let them know and then with my heart just a fluttering said "My Man is coming to pick it up his name is....." LA's Finest called me when he had it in hand and the stress that was lifted from my body caused me to start yawning immediately.

What a day! Wow. You know, alot in my life, because of my vibrant personality - it's hard for me to find someone who is interested in Pam when she standing in the dirty Greyhound parking lot looking like death warmed over. They wanna be around Pam when she ON and LIT. I can call and get a kind word or two but no action. LA Finest stepping outside of his world to enter mines was powerful. Did he see that behind my sparkling eyes - the deficiency of that in my life? I'm the best sidekick there is - but I need me a superhero in my life - and now I have one. He going for the heart, I hope he doesn't decide to step all over it. I'm so open over this man and I can't even tell you why, lol No analyzing this time around - I'm just living in the moment.

P.S. He got a ringtone, lol Keisha Cole's "Love" it rings - and I knew when we started kissing -- cause I've kissed some damn toads believe you me and so I knew right off the bat....this was a sho nuff Prince.

P.P.S. Yes Mini-me met him in the parking lot. I inquired what she thought and she said without missing a beat "like you like em mom Tall and Black. He seems nice he got some kids?" LOL LOL

P.P.P.S. When I get the camera from him THEN you will see pictures - hold your horses!

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