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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 172

Finally Some Visuals

Blog Musical Mood: You Put A Move On My Heart - Tamia

What a beautiful peaceful Sunday morning. Just the type of day I enjoy the most. I especially enjoyed the way I woke up (wink) - ya'll know Sunday Mornings do it for me. I also am going into a quiet moment in general because I need to speak with God about some things,I've stepped out there, we've stepped out there - help us in our steps. I dug through a ton of shit to find that key to my heart I had hidden - couldn't remember where I put it, lol - I found it, and I'm shining it up - now I'm just giving it to God, he's the best knower.

So this day also is a great time to put up some pictures from my trip. Enjoy!

Me Chillin at the Harbor

My Brother and I

Mini-Me Looking Absolutely Beautiful

Ready to Go

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