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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sunset Monologue 158


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This afternoon one of our local radio stations discussed this phenom of the 'vow of chastity' and the 'vow of purity' that alot of Sistas are taking. They take some classes, have a ceremony and are gifted with a 'ring' signifying that they are abstaining from sex until they find their husbands. One of the main reasons is that they are taking time be with themselves.

Now, people, you all know what I feel about this whole 'spending time with yourself' and the self improvement alot of sistas have been doing for YEARS. I'm an advocate of taking a moment to access your sanity, but at what point do you reenter the real world? I declared late last yeat that I was done with that! If I see myself one more time, I'm going to whip my own ass, lol Me, Myself and I - are parting ways!!

If you overdo the whole 'self assessment' the mind has an uncanny ability of LYING TO YOUR ASS! The only way to see if you've made any progress is someone elses opinion, lol. You can spend all this time working it out with yourself and step one foot out here and realize - you been hoodwinked and are just as crazy as ever. You can't move on, until you move on people.

The other part that begs conversation is this whole 'purity' thing. Let's see what Mr. Webster lays out as a meaning for this word. We have to take the root word 'PURE' - Free from anything that adulterates, faultless, blameless, virgin or chaste. So if you have EVER been on all fours hanging off the end of the bed being taken there by a negro in nothing but gym socks and a smile - I'mma need you to line up ------------>HERE cause you are to the right of Pure. If you can remember when the above happen and when you do, a small bead of sweat ruins the relaxer at the nape of your neck --------------> HERE, cause as my daddy said "you can't go back to holding hands" You've already sullied yourself. Now you can acknowledge that and change your behaviour, but you can't reclaim your virginity.

Now this whole celibate thing - I, personally, will NEVER claim to be celibate. I am taken there quite a bit in my life, kicking and screaming I might add, because I haven't quite got that whole "I just can use a man for his dick" thing down - keeps missing me dammit. So I go long periods bereft of the wonders of the male being - but I don't proclaim to be celibate. I understand it and it takes great mental capacity to practice it - but I think it shouldn't have a name, because see that eludes to the notion that you are getting it so much that you have to cut it off because it's just become too much - when as we know, usually it's about something else.

The DJ had me laughing when he talked about the fact that it must be really hard to even date, because with the 'ratio' being what it is - for every sista who doesn't there are currently 10 who will for every brother in Atlanta. Now I always find this 'ratio' thing interesting, because all the men I know are constantly complaining there are no women. So let's get out our math books people and do a bit of addition as we break down the infamous 'ratio' Let's look at say 11 women that apparently are walking around the city for every brother.

Of the 11 women

that leaves a Brother with 2 sistas and ONE OF THEM HE JUST DOESN'T LIKE! So there you have it people. You all get an "A".


RIP Gordon Parks - your imagery and depiction of black faces will take us into the future and beyond.

Gordon Parks

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