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Friday, March 10, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 174

Fantastic Friday!

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WHEW! What a week!! If I say so myself, the blog has been on fire. I appreciate all the conversation and insight. Well anyway - of course with it being Friday, I'm not going to bog you down in rhetoric, lol I want you all to have a fabulous weekend. It's going to be quite nice weather wise and I intend to get out in it - there is a chicken in my freezer BEGGING to end up on the grill and I can't let it down. I see potato salad, baked beans, string beans and some other goodies and I might even see LA's Finest covered in BBQ sauce, lol But we shall see, lol

Some Television Fodder

America Next Top Model - I had to cut the TV down in order to not have my skin crawl from the sound of these broads bones rubbing together. They are extremely thin this season, but I love this show! I'll keep it in the mix definately. Besides Ms and Mr. Jay have taken their Fabulousness to all new levels!!

American Idol - I am so glad we are through with the weeks of getting to the good part. - We are down to 12 and three sisters made it. I actually like Taylor however, now I will begin to watch it.

Black/White - All the hype surrounding this show, of course, made me watch - They jury is still out for me. I am still in a quandry as to what I AM suppose to get out of this as a viewer. I did however, pull something - that one episode confirmed for me that the BLACKMAN'S experience here in America is one that no one will understand and it's possibly contrived to think that this white man will be able to 'experience' it As well as - he has found great freedom in finally being able to use the word Nigger. That spoke volumes. I think in his contrived mind - he feels that's the gist of our struggle and if he can prove that the word has no power - then he'll earn his "i'm a good white man' stripes. The funniest part was mini-me's responses to the show. First question, Mom what is...JIVE and I respond 'think Good Times'. Then she was like ' why did they tell her she was using big words - what we don't use big words' - I will get my purpose for watching this - from her. Otherwise, tell me something I DON'T know.

I Love Toys on VH-1 - What did we do before this station came about. I don't wanna grow up I'm a Vh-1 Kid!

Some Musical Fodder

Are you not loving the LL COOL J and J-Lo song and video?! Dwele is killing me with his new single 'Weekend', Get Low Buss - WHEW LAWD!! I can't get that up high enough in the Hyundai! and THIS NEGRO HERE:

A Sista got two tickets to his midnite performance at The Tabernacle next Thursday - I'm about to put my thang down. I do have a camera phone - I'll see what I can do for ya'll, lol lol and I know you hear me 'coughing' cause I am getting sick and it probably will hit Friday.

And before I go:

I know the Cumbahyah Bus is in full swing and folks are really feeling the whole 'expand my horizons' but I refuse to all of a sudden become 'narrow minded' because my preference is MY BLACK BROTHER!! I LOVE THE BLACK MAN and if I want to broaden my horizons then I'll go get a pudgy, short, lightskinned Brother from out of town. Lately from Oprah to our local radio station - sistas been coming out the woodwork expounding on the wonders of the white man - GOOD FOR YOU! but I still have not heard a strong enough argument to leave the blackman alone. Nothing a whiteman can do - can top what the worse blackman brings to the table. Ya'll don't think the plan of slavery and separation is not working - look at this situation. So ya'll go ahead, gives those of us who are bold enough to stand and proclaim that we love our blackmen and we want to continue to try to work with him some more to pick from - cause the only thing a white man can do for me is point me to the mailroom - so I can talk to the brothers!

Ya'll I'm out! See yah on Sunday Evening!

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