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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunset Monologue 172

Baby I'm Back!

Hey Ya'll!! Well I finally have had an opportunity to get some blogging in. I hope everyone is doing well. I skimmed several blogs and have been,even though I haven't had time to write in my own and it looks like everythang is everything :) - I really miss when I don't blog or keep up with my fellow bloggers. This is quite addicting. So let me do the long post now and get it out of the way. Stay tuned for more - cause I'M BACK!!

Working Up A Black Sweat

Tamar Featuring Prince was the best $30 I've spent this year!!

Tamar tore it up! She reminded me a bit vocally of Fantasia, without all the yelling. She had legs TO DIE FOR! and my feet were hurting for that sista - her shoes were FIERCE.

She was accompanied by the Hubba Bubba Twins (they didn't quite make the Doublemint status) and those little frail girls were flinging that hair and doing background vocals proud.

Prince was of course doing his thang! He has mellowed and is obviously enjoying being in his mid-forties. He don't give a damn! You know as one the last great live performers who is still producing work (as opposed to just running through their catalogue) - he got down!! It was an old school party on the real!

There was a brother who LA's Finest and I have labeled the 'pick nigga' who's job was to just give him his guitars and provide the picks, lol. Now you know he getting much ass just for having that job, lol

The audience made the concert however. The Tabernacle is an old church and so the acoustics were excellent - it is very intimate and every place for the most part is a good seat. Before the concert the audience was involved dancing and what not and the cast of characters was hilarious - there was MARCHING BAND MAN, A COUPLE OF OLD STRIPPERS, and some other scary folks. The CHILDREN however disturbed me. There were two little girls at a midnite show about 9 and 11 or so - dancing on stage - provocatively and it just wasn't right and I was glad I wasn't the only one who was like it wasn't right. IF PRINCE SAID "this for grown folks - get you a babysitter" then what the hell does THAT say!? Audience Highlight: White boy we met in line singing 'Play That Funky Music White Boy' ON KEY w/Prince accompaning him oh and Tamar's man DARREN DEWITT making an appearance to dance.

I met Morris Day (as in Hi how you doing?) he was standing at the bar while I was walking by. Slight man (he's lost weight) and definately he's perserved his sexiness. No Jermome.

This was me and LA's Finest first foray into a social setting and it went over very well. Actually two fellow classmates from 'Highschool' met up with us and the four of us hung out for the evening. The absolute highlight of my entire evening: Before I sat down LA's Finest wiped my seat for me. (melting as I type this). To be able to experience this type of attention in my lifetime - ya'll just don't understand. but I digress....

All in all however, it was off the chain!!


BrokeBack Ballet

Now I got home at like 3:00 on Friday morning from the Concert. I'm tired but lately I've been just pushing the button on my life and that includes how much sleep I need. So Friday night, I'm sitting up at Ga Tech, watching the 'Ballethnic' yearly performance "Infinity" Believe it or not 'Janet's' mother was dancing in it. So of course I had to come out and support. 'Janet' is a bit over 4 1/2 months and is looking quite radiant. So I'm sitting there with her and mini-me and Lawd I didn't not know there would be so much homoerotic imagery! Blackmen need not do contemporary and classical dance, lol lol There was so much crotch grabbing, rubbing up against other men, acrobatics during men on men dance numbers it wasn't even funny. I mean serious dance numbers between two men and there were women in the troupe. That definately was something out the ordinary for me. It was good however and it was a perfect accompaniment to my week of Live performances.

Casuality of the Cell Phone

While at cheerleader tryouts Thursday - Miss Lady had her pocketbook gone into which was in her book bag and the cell phone stolen. Two cell phones were stolen that day - one was found in the toilet in the girls bathroom. The instruction was to place all of their stuff in a pile in the lockerroom.

I called the cell phone and the huzzy who took it answered. I immediately informed her that she was using stolen property and I wanted my child's phone back! She hung up of course and I went online to see about the minutes - because it is pre-paid - and it went from $25 to $3 in about two hours.

So the school says that though they allow kids to bring the phones - they are not responsible. So the phone is now temporarily off because it has ran out of minutes.

I accepted the lost and officially cut the phone off. My damn $59.99 just down the fucking drain (not to mention the $25 on the phone). Virgin mobile was very responsive to my call! They suspended the account and made the phone useless, the phone is now considered "stolen" in their records - so if someone tries to get it reactivated that won't work. They also were able to give me another one just like the one she had for $24.99 it will arrive Monday. She gets to keep her number and everything.

Well through dectective work (using the call logs) and my daughter making it known she was out to beat some ass - the cell phone magically appeared and was given to a teacher.

It had been reconfigured with the girls name and her numbers and she bought a ring tone and some other stuff.

So now the girl tells my daughter that she didn't know who's it was so she just took it home. My daughers name is on the phone, so that ain't the truth.

Now the cheerleading coach (who I'm not liking on GP but that's another story) still says that its not her responsiblity and I don't expect it to be. But if it has been proven that the phone was stolen - does this child not get any reprimand?

I'm going up there to talk to the principal and I'm talking to this girls mother because I want my $25 back that she spent on the phone calling Dial a Joke and what not. She used up the minutes and that needs to be reimbursed!!

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