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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 179

La La La La La Means.....

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Is this blog boring you? Is it and life more interesting when there is strife either real or imaginary? Sometimes I find in my life that the ears are glued to me when I am analyzing and expounding new found wisdom in hopes that some of it will bring about change in my life. I have friends who are only interested in the story that begins with 'well we broke up' and are attentive until the story begins 'I met a real cool brother'. Is life itself boring when there is no drama? How do we begin to look at regular cruise control life as exciting as well?

How ya'll doing?! I hope ya'll are well. Spring started on the 21st - on paper that is and we Spring Forward on Sunday. Can you believe that?! This means it will stay lighter longer in the evenings affording us more time to get the damn thing done!!

Well I have a few overarching updates so let me get em going....

On Bended Knee - LA's Finest looked so nice in the suit. He had told me he wanted to talk to me about something and I wanted to know before he left for Church. I'm sitting there and this Brother looks at me and gets....on...bended...knee. Now believe you me, my heart started pounding because I was frantically trying to formulate the softest decline ever - you know something like "Baby this is beautiful, but why don't we continue to talk and continue to vibe and revisit this in a couple more months - in the meantime let's put it in the glass case so that we can remember " I guess he saw me looking crazy, lol cause what he did was confirm his love and then formally ask me to be his lady. I can't remember that happening to me in my adult life. I think the last time I was actually asked which meant a man was making a verbal commitment to me it involved notebook paper and "Will You Go With Me?" YES NO MAYBE. Wow a Platinum LA'S Finest Membership Card - .....I got the clock!

The Flying A's - Yes Mini-me made the squad...two weeks of intensive training and tryouts. $500 they want! Alrightyy then! She's excited. I'm excited and now my fall/winter is booked!

I see a new video game off in the horizon.......Cobb Vs Dekalb..fight for the county residence!!

A sentence foreign to my ears......You have a man now.......hmmm - interesting how that affects your life and decisions and.....range of motion.

I had an epiphany who LA'S FINEST reminds me of - there was something about his character, something about his vibe, something about his peace that has been so comforting to me and then it dawned on stepfather!! That's a beautiful thang - having men in my life to use as litmus for myself.

Sending flowers to his job as proclamation that I'm in the house! Don't you love it?!

LITTLE are you? like my daddy?...BIG VOICES...How are you mam? Mam you have a wonderful son.....I know I do, he's a good man...hope to meet you....soon....

The comfort of ordinary everyday things - - flowing at an even pace - - progression of healthy - - rediscovering how to share because the, lol

Backpack to dufflebag......nighttime to dinnertime....I need to start removing clutter from the Castle - three washclothes - ain't that special? LOL

10 weeks in school ya'll! Just finished my second class and beginning the next one today. Financial Aid being quite shady in disbursement so I'm scrambling to get book money up etc. but I'm keeping it going. I will do this!! It's an example I need to set for my child and it's an accomplishment I need to do for myself.

Like the easy entry of spring time in the ATL - my life is just a blossoming and this time, I feel quite relaxed on the receiving end of the blessing.

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