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Friday, March 24, 2006

Sunset Monologue 174

What In The....

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Ok, Ya'll I've officially lost it! I decided to spend some time with Mini-me celebrating her making the cheerleading squad. Dinner and a movie were on the agenda. We decided to go see Madea's because she has been whining about everybody don seen Madea and I want to know what it's about. I had asked around and they said it was ok to take her - so we went.

I'm not a big fan of Madea - that first movie sucked. However, I apparently was in another time zone when I saw that one - because what I am about to tell you has shook me to the very core.....

Why in three levels of hell did I cry through the entire second half of that movie!?! Specifically the love story between Boris and that girl. I'm talking about welling up and overflowing and then bawling! Mini-Me holding my freaking hand!!

Why was that whole thing (well not her circumstances but the blossoming of love) hitting me like a ton of oranges in a bag?! I AM TRIPPIN!

By the time they got to the wedding and I heard those vows (I was NOT delirious enough not to notice that HOT MESS of a Wedding however!) I was incoherant! That hit home and resonated so passionately in my heart and soul.

I had been kinda saying I needed to release and this was it my friends. What in Sam Hill has this man done to me?1 I haven't known him that long! How did he get here?! Ain't I too old for this?! I can't even talk to anyone about this! I told 'Janet' I cried and she asked was I PMS'ing, lol Hell I don't know - but my heart was beating so fast and I got the chills and it all just was me.

When Cecily was telling about the love she had with her husband - I got faint. But the vows they exchanged - it was as if, I had projected myself onto the screen and it was I talking - where did THOSE words come from?! More importantly how did they bubble up...from me. I'm shaken ya'll. I really am. I am not a crier and I cetainly did not really think I was capable (or maybe I was denying myself the ability to be capable) of being moved on such a level by the subject

Ya'll need to talk to a sista. I'm going and lay down. Have a BLESSED WEEKEND!

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