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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 182

Easy Like Sunday Morning

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The clarity I see in the sky this morning can only be inspired by God. It is crisp, clear, slightly cool but a beautiful Sunday I tell you! How ya'll doing?! I know, I know - a sista been ghost for a minute. I think this is the longest I have not blessed the blog with some of my words. I actually have just been so caught up in living the Emancipation that I haven't been able to record it, lol.

Spring Break 2006 is officially entering the closing ceremonies! Mini-me has Skated, bowled, shopped, climbed Stone Mountain and today I am taking her and a friend to the Dogwood Festival. I really just feel like walking in the park and breathing deep and clearing my head. I've spent money this week and though I do feel 'bad' that I couldn't pull off anything grand for she and I to do together - she is still a recipient of the "I'm Blessed" award, so I'm okay with it.

I had a Spring Break of sorts myself, with the arrival of one of my Brothers (Ya'll know I have seven Brothers and Seven Sisters right?) He is two years younger than me and during the formative late teen years was my bestest brother,lol. He came in from Texas on Thursday Afternoon and we had a wonderful visit. Nah it wasn't a flossing one but it was cool. Janet and JD came over and I pulled together a party in 30 minutes, lol Racheal Raye would have been proud, lol. We had a good time!

Ronnie, Rickey, Mike, Ralph,Johnny and BOBBY! - HERE I COME!!! May 19th! Ya'll be on the look out in your town. New Edition with special guest K-ci and Jo Jo and Ginuine...should be a hellva good time!

Well La's Finest and I out of the love tunnel and now just traveling along the countryside. Things are blossoming and going at a nice pace. There is enough reality of the 'ghetto' intertwined among the nice trees and spring lillies to keep it real. Major Developments: (1) I went to have lunch with him at his job (2) He turned in his internet playa card! (me and him on his BP page WOW!) and (3) There's a Key on my nightstand to his abode. All of that however is trumped by a piece of notebook paper that said:

Ms. Pam - I'm glad you're with my daddy, he is a good man - Love La's Finest Little One - age 5

I still haven't fully digested the ramifications of that. I am a little overwelmed by it all.

It made me realize how close to the vest I have kept my own heart. The mechanisms I've carefully put in place and wrapped in cool words and an overabundance of personality. I didn't realize how 'tired' I was, until I finally had an opportunity to 'rest'. I am seeing visions of things that just might not be fantasy, the visions suck the breath away from me because I didn't know I had them.

I am ashamed to an extent to say that so much of this is...foreign to me, this kind of realness, this kind of selfishnessless, this kind of openness, this kind of emotion, this kind of fearlessness, this kind of man - and here I am thinking I'm the one who has NOT had fear, lol Isn't that the joke of the year.

For the second time in my life - I have discovered my 'voice' and so if this doesn't go a minute farther - THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL THANG!

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