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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 183

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Paging Dr. Kildare - good grief, so Mini-me has a soft tissue sprain and I am fighting the HMO system to get a referral in a timely manner so she can go to the Orthopedic Doctor and we can get some direction and therapy and she can get back in the mix. It's starting to go down a bit, but is still painful and stiff. I guess because I have an HMO which apparently is one step up from being uninsured, things can wait. This is a child and I'm about

I Got My Eye On You - chillin with La's Finest last evening and I feel like my eye was itching - by midnight all hell has broken loose. Swollen, ugly, mucousy and all of that! What in the world! I take my own self to the Dr. this morning and I have some kinda bacteria and one eyed aversion to pollen, so I'm doing $35 drops four times a day till Thursday when I go back to see him.

Get the paddles STAT - My money is on LIFE SUPPORT! All this out the box expense is something my money can't handle and it's having an allergic reaction. I have been in the hole before and I'll get out again, but I wanna get back on track quick so that I can plan my birthday party - hell as of today it's looking like it's going to be right here at my house - I wonder how much it would cost to get some tents and really have it here in my front yard. Hmmmmmmmmm.......

I Got BlueBalls and they hurt - the mindfuck that is 'highschool' has resulted in not one orgasm lately and therefore I must go ahead and get myself off. I am coming to realize as I coast into forty that I really don't care about how you (1) Raise your child (2) Practice your religion (3) convince yourself you are gonna make it to heaven, so after awhile adults continuously talking about how on the money they are, especially from an internet skewed point of view eventually makes my head hurt. Time to **Read Only** making it into a tabloid is much more interesting.

Behind the Green Door - We stood at the door, we've leaned against the doorbell by accident, we've even peeked inside while others went in; Last night we held each others hand and went in...and neither one of us dropped the others hand - intense, personal, mindblowing...Whew!

If I don't get motivated to get caught up on my school work - I am going to scream!

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