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Friday, May 12, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 191


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Whataweek! I have been so busy and I apologize for not working more diligently to find time to blog. Mini-me ended up having to get a cast! She will have to wear that for 8weeks then they probably will go back in to make sure her cartlidge is regenerating itself. Worse case scenario? She would have to go to a specialist to get some grown in a petri dish! She got a cute shade of pink and seems to be doing okay with it. I have been obsessed with the birthday party. Only 22 days. It was going to be outside but this recent weather(something called "blackberry winter")started freaking me out,so I decided to try once again to find an inside venue and let me tell you GOD IS GOOD! I found the perfect location to showcase my fabulousness - I have rented an entire small club for this party folks! I am quivering! I am so exicted and CAUN says he already knows he's going to have to tie me down. Club Pamalcious in effect! Invitations sent out, responses coming in, glam squad assembled (these ladies will help me pull this off), DJ hired, Menu set, now just decorating and tying up loose ends. This is the biggest thing I've done for me in my entire life(the elopement took 20 minutes to plan)so yes I'm enjoying myself.
Ok,why is my teacher of 'Groups in Organizations' trying to really teach?! I don't have time for class right now,lol
Mothers day weekend in effect - MI3 tonite,arena football in the sky box on Saturday and who knows on Sunday - CAUN being closed lipped.
Well as you can tell I am speeding through in a run on sentence kinda way,lol Peace out and I'll be back on Sunday!

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