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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunset Monologue 184


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Hey Peeps! Yah see yah girl CHILLIN! This is me enjoying the car show. Again, Thanks KARSH for the ticket! We rolled down there on Saturday; CAUN, Mini-Me and I. I like the car show and hadn't been in a couple of years, so this was hella cool. We parked at CAUN's gig and took the scenic route to the World Congress Center. It was a beautiful day and I was strutting like a Drum Major, so happy to be out and about with

At first Mini-me was upset because of the wheelchair. I wish it wern't so close to the end of the year, she could write a wonderful report about being 'disabled'. Eventually she got in the hang of things and that is in part due to CAUN's spirit. He is wonderful with her. The brevity of being with a man who treats my child well - - moment getting choked up - continuing my entry - so we up in the car show enjoying ourselves, Mini-me and I turned the corner and she yelps "There's Mr. RW" Lord have mercy - my ex. The one who asked me to marry him. Now he lives exactly 17 minutes from me, yet I hadn't seen him in almost two years this September. Mini-me was panicking. CAUN was getting himself some cotton candy and would be coming to find me any second. Well I gathered my balls about me and marched my behind right over to him and got his attention. The look on his face was priceless. We started to chat and suddenly CAUN was at my side. RW's face changed ever so slightly as I introduced the two and he introduced me to his friend. Some more pleasantries and that was that. It felt SOOO GOOD to have a man on my arm when running into an EX, lol. Ya'll know ain't nothing worse than running into someone and you by yo self. I wonder did he, like me, clue his partner in on exactly who we used to be. Of course then I continued to see his ass the rest of the time at the show, lol. I ain't gonna hate - his new woman reminded me The funniest part of the whole thing; Mini-me decided to give CAUN a debriefing about him, lol lol Who knew she thought he was....corny, lol lol. Kids.

We did all the things you do at a car show and settled on the Maybach as one of our favorite cars. CAUN and I have such a good time together and for the most part Mini-me stayed mortified at our antics,lol. We settled on the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Toyota Sequoia as our rides. Now I settled on the Jag for my 50th birthday gift, lol I sat in that bad boy and it was LUSH and I looked LUSH in that bad boy.

We went all over that place and then we ended our evening at Ruby Tuesdays. It was a wonderful saturday.

Today, I panicked and decided to clean up. Now yes, I've been home all week with Mini-me and yea I did a couple of things, but I'm having to increase my housework. This whole 'having a man' thing takes alot of energy, lol. All this cooking, cleaning, loving etc. My physical activity has picked up three fold. Tomorrow we go back to work and school. At least we have an all staff and BBQ, so my day will be cushy.

Janet is preoccupied with the baby, so we have been missing each other - but no fear, I've been getting ghost alot lately myelf, all wrapped up in CAUN.

Well I would write more - but my domestic has CAUN in a frenzy, His cup is about to runneth over - so I'mma go get something out the washing machine or something and end my night on a High Note, lol Ya'll take care.

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