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Friday, May 05, 2006

Sunset Monologue 183

Fruitopia Friday

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Hey Ya'll - just sitting here listening to LA's Finest shake the rafters on my home with his snoring, lol lol We were going to the movies to see Mission Impossible III - but then decided not to do everything at once. We are going to the car show tomorrow. I won one ticket through a blog contest THANKS KARSH!, so it will only cost us $15 to get in - so that's a go. Mini-Me will be in the wheel chair so she'll be fine.

I had enough of staying in the house - so I went out today. Packed that child up and we hit the streets. Funny the best place for me to unwind? The thrift store, lol. I needed to go anyway because I needed to get Mini-Me some pants to fit over her brace. Well this was a good trip - I mean once I cleaned out the trunk the wheelchair wasn't bad to get into the car at all. I have been weaning her off daytime meds and making her do some things for herself these last two days - so it worked out fine. Funny what kinda determination and strength you get as a parent. I just had to deal with that whole lift the wheel chair up and out. Now I fogot to put the brake on and pushed her into the street (!!!) but it was okay. I was in the zone, lol I got me two pair of cropped pants, five shirts and a pair of slides. I got her a pair of cropped pants, two pairs of sweats, and two dresses and a really cute shirt. I got LA's Finest a pair of dockers for work and two really nice shirts all for $45.00!! You know how I do it. I outfitted us all, lol It's no wonder why it's so HARD for me to shop 'normal'.

So He has also been dragging me around the block a couple of times a week. That's a good thing. We talk and plan out things while we speed walk. I joined my gigs Active for Life so I might as well be active. Now he knocked out and I'm still up - but then again - I got alot of excess energy being locked up in this house this week.

I got a feeling that I'll have a nice Mothers Day coming up. I'm excited. Funny I always was one who said I didn't like flowers but since he's been bringing them to me - I LOVE THEM, lol. One bouquet has lasted a month no lie - these are super flowers,lol. I had three bouquets and the other two died but this one is going strong, lol.

Before I go enjoy my weekend - let me show ya'll something that has not happened to me since um 1983 or something like that. LA needs to stop hatin on my Caramel Skin, lol

And FINALLY - as of this thread - I am officially changing LA's FINEST to his New Name: CAUN - No need to know what that stands for (heheheh,) but he will be referred to as CAUN (pronounced CAH YOUNNNNNN) from this day forth.

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