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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 192

In The Spirit

I saw this in Essence and it moved me and I thought I would share, especially before Mothers Day.

Sweet Surrender

Our lives don't lie. Our joys, sorrows, challenges and triumphs reflect our deep, often unconscious beliefs, just as the choices we have made mirror where we are on our journey. Your most difficult moments have come from resisting change. We hold on to what's familiar, even when it's hurting us. We stay in unhealthy relationships rather than learning to love and cherish ourselves and our own good company. We may resist doing the work to heal our addictions, even when they're destroying our physical and emotional well-being. At times, we resent our circumstances, unaware that wherever we are, we're always in life's flow. We feel alone, though we are never alone-and afraid, though we have nothing to fear. As we awaken to the presence of Spirit within and around us, we feel free and at peace.

To humble yourself and surrender to God-this is life's great spiritual challenge. Yes we must have vision and passion, and we have to be engaged in life, planning, creating, re-creating - but we must release our attachment to the outcome. God asks us to trust the details of our lives, the timing of our every blessing, to a Wisdom that is greater than we are and to find the sacred in our very circumstance. When something is meant for you, it can never be lost or taken away. When it's not for you, it simply won't come your way, and that's a blessing, too. The task is to stay positive and focused on the big picture, so you will see along the path the treasures, ever plentiful, that God has laid out just for you - everything you need to fulfill your life's purpose.

Faith. Sweet surrender. Trusting in the goodness of life. Understanding that everything and everyone has a reason and season for being. Allowing folks to be who they are and things to unfold in divine order, rather than criticizing, worrying, stressing, and trying to force them them to work our way-this is the source fo inner peace, the path of joy and infinite possibilities. with this mind-set, hold the powerful thought: I can't wait to see the good that will come from this.

Surrender to God your every burden - fear, guilt, anger, illness, addictions, financial woes-everthing holding you back. Banish the word can't from your vocabulary. Sweet surrender-faith-leaves no room for doubt or fear. Its' the ultimate paradox: what you fight, you strengthen. To be strong in the world, you have to be patient, humble and willing to let go. The spiritual warrior's path is one of complete nonresistence. Surrender the illusion of control and you relax into your great spiritual power. Bow to the Source with absolute faith-just as our foreparents did. Embrace the gifts of grace and divine protection that are yours; they were bestowed on you at birth. And practice living each day by the most powerful words ever written: Thy will be done.

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