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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunshine Monologue 194

Winds of Change

Blog Musical Mood: The Entire New Edition Catalogue

As I sit here in a wife beater and boxer briefs, belonging to one CAUN, and listen to the sounds of early Sunday morning: Lawn Mowers, that ass next door and his chain saw and a load of clothe going in the washer - I smile to myself. It's almost funny how life moves you along.

The move on Friday went well - he's all settled in, I have a stereo in my living room that would rival Phillips Arena and I have alot more day to day stuff to do. However, it was VERY nice to come home last evening and the grass was cut,little odds and ends were done, I could just walk in the house - no need to carry bags, and I got a foot rub! (smile). So yes we are 'ghetto honeymooning' (this is the honeymoon w/o the benefit of the marriage, lol) but it's all good.

Never Underestimate the Power of NEW EDITION! People, People - we went to see New Edition on Friday evening at Chastain Park, one of our amphitheatres. When I tell you I almost had a STROKE trying to get to see New Edition - I am almost not stretching the truth. Traffic was so bad that we missed all the opening acts, didn't get to take the picnic in and ended up having to get out the car and strike out walking. So it's me, a pregnant "janet" and a blanket! We were determined. When we walked in - they were introducing New Edition. Let me tell ya'll something - if I had missed ONE SECOND of them after paying $110 for those tickets - they would have been right here in my living room giving me a private show!! If Atlanta PD don't figure out how to do traffic up in this bitch I am going to SCREAM!!!!!!!!! I had never seen Chastain so crowded - New Edition never sounded so good. It was smooth as butter and YES BOBBY WAS THERE! and I was so proud of him! "Janet" and I shed a tear. He was ON KEY, KNEW THE STEPS, DRESSED IN THE OUTFIT and LEFT WHEN HIS TIME WAS OVER. We were so overwelmed that HE IS NOW THE BREADWINNER in that family! Even though we had our picnic in the car during traffic leaving the amphitheatre but a good time was had by all. I was in seventh heaven - I was in a sandwich of love my very bestest friend and CAUN.

So, because I'm handling my business grown folks style - I am making sure I maintain the relationship I've nutured with my daugher. I am a mother first and foremost and making sure she is comfortable with my life is definately on my radar. So I took her and her girlfriend out for 'girls day' - we had a good time. All of my years of teaching shopping is paying off, lol.

Party plans are on and poppin. Over 45 people RSVP'ed (but you know negroes - we'll see who actually shows up). I have all the cutlery etc. - if I had more than a college fridge - I could get the food. I'm sooo excited!

A word about change - I'm not sure that "Janet" is overly keen with CAUN. It's not a negative feelings I'm getting - but, a 'my friend has another focal point' feeling. I think we both are going through it - her foray into the journey of parenthood, is going to cause me some growing pains as well. The life she and I used to have is changing and it's a natural progression. I am enjoying this time in my life and I all the activity. I don't know should we talk about this or what. It's just an 'oddness' about the whole thing. Growing Pains!

Well - let me balance my check book and get my grocery list together. I'll talk to you all tomorrow!

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