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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sunset Monologue 186

A Whole Lotta...NOTHING!

What it be? I can't even lie - I really don't have alot to talk about, lol. Sometimes, your mind just goes blank. I was trying to write a letter to my biological father today at work and for some reason I couldn't think of a damn thing to say. That letter ended up being 1 page long with alot of pictures thrown in.

I decided to take the summer off from school. I got the paperwork and will fax it in tomorrow. I will be done on June 5th and will go back on July 28 - just in time for "Communications in Organizations". Every class I take ends with the word 'Organizations' I wonder if there is 'Sex in Organizations" Now that class I would love, lol.

As I predicted in my own mind - 80% of my family have flaked out about coming down for my party. No biggie - My space is limited for that bullshit. I know they will be there in...spirit (laughing exceptionally loud).

Can you say - 10 days till the party! I'm in a holding pattern right now because basically what's left is the food and my fridge is wayy to small to store anything - so I have to get all that stuff at the last minute.

Co-habiting is going fine. We have a nice flow going (we had that already). I really am loving laying in the bed in the evening giggling/laughing/planning etc. with CAUN. If there were two people who needed a master suite - it is us, lol. We need room to run around.

Ok, why didn't someone tell me that IPODS were so time consuming?! Damn I need to devote several hours to getting all my listings corrected and organized! I did buy some stuff from itunes, but I be damn if they wouldn't sell "Whoop That Trick" as a single!!!!!!!!!! I need that song dammit!

My Brother is taking my daughter with him after the party for a couple of weeks. Since this is during the blog haitus and rebirth period - that's cool. Ahh, just gave ya'll a hint eh? Write these down - there might be a contest, lol.

Here is some REALNESS FOR YAH!: We all take these medical walks and sometimes we fall off the wagon. I confess I've been off the wagon for over 9 months - no meds, no eating right, no nothing. I just went into this entire denial thing. The meds cost (even with Insurance) and I kept finding other things to do with the money.

Last month I did go to the Dr. to get back on track - but the meds he prescribed me to went off the freaking market. So I just kinda tried to eat a bit better and fall back into old habits.

Well I've finally had my wake up call - it takes different things for different people - I'm finally getting an 'issue' with not controlling my diabetes and it's cut me to the core - because my issue is with my........SEX! So I know ya'll know that this is a definite HELL TO THE NAW!! I called my Dr. and asked for a new prescription and as of today - DIET CHANGED. I gotta bring my sugars down and under control. It's sucked up all the moisture in my body and I am the equivalent to a big TUB OF COTTON CANDY!!

So sure it's all sexy to taste sweet and all that stuff - but no way in hell am I gonna mess up my sex!

Before I Go: Sista wrote CAUN and asked whether or not I was his...Mother ( I am developing an entry on the state of women relations when it comes, and I just have one thing to say - Yea I'm a MILF - don't hate!! (thanks Scott).

Ya'll be easy!

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