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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sunset Monologue 187 - Glitter Graphics

Hey Mon! It was breezy HOT lower 90's today in the A-T-L and we were all out in it. First up - the Caribbean Parade celebrating Carnival. Man oh man do I need a vacation. CAUN and I have been talking about crusing around Christams and boy oh boy. I had even pulled out my cruise tape from wha....14 years ago, lol lol. It was alot of fun and I came away with soaring self esteem, cause as we know our Island Sistas aren't really hung up on little stuff like: (1) they got guts (2) they old as hell, lol lol So I danced and had me a ball!

Next up we went to Atlantic Station. For those not in the know, Atlantic Station is this 'project' Atlanta has that simulates what it is like living in Manhattan. You go over a bridge and it's like entering that part of Epcot where they have the different countries. Nah it ain't Manhattan, but I guess if you close your eyes after you've had about three mojitos it might be (rollin eyes). Anyhoo, we went to see X-men 3! Whew Lawd that movie was OFF THA CHAIN! To me, it was the most intense installment by far. But let me get this off my chest: HALLE BERRY CAN NOT ACT!! Dayum! That woman is just to one-dimensional to me. Is it because she's so photogenic AND pretty (because you know you can be one without the other) or what, but she just comes across as having no depth to me everytime I see her. The wig was 85% better though, and she looked as if she was no longer embarassed to be in the damn franchise (well after Catwoman - she did have to humble herself).

Of course CAUN and I had to immediately adopt names. Well actually he came about his quite by accident - he was pretending to be Magnito and of course that didn't work, so I said he was more "MAGNEGRO!" Well there you have it and he christened me "Stormeka" my power? I can roll my neck and make you submit and I can telepathically pick out skanks and yamps!

This time around, we went Indian for our meal. One reason why I love and like (because sometimes those don't go hand in hand either) CAUN is because he's got a penchant for giving things a try. He's shown me all about if it's important to a person, part of loving is to 'give it a try'. So he ate it and it was tasty. Now will this be a part of his 'lets go to eat' list - NOPE, but he gave it a try. As always, mini-me and I will certainly keep this in our 'mother/daughter' pot.

The night before we watched home movies. CAUN learned all about my family and it's dynamics and I discovered quite to my dismay that I gave the exact same party the first four years of Mini-me's life, lol lol That was hella funny. We then watched my old VCR tapes of Video Soul and damn near ran Mini-me insane, lol lol I fell out a cuple of times at some Mike footage (good to see him back out and about).

It seems as if every weekend we have all this activity and what not. We are gelling more and more daily and that's a good thing. Mini-me and CAUN are developing quite the relationship. She has taken to 'thanking him' for the things he does for us and the way he treats us. That means more to me than gold. We got a very nice groove going.

I was thinking in the car about whether or not it's 'tacky' to consider that I might get gifts at my birthday party. I know, I know it IS a birthday party,but it's not like I'm twelve. Do I hope I get something? Hell yes! I would love for some folks to recognize me in that way - it's not something that happens to me on the regular, if ever. Hmmmmm - wouldn't THAT be nice.

Well let me go ahead and wrap this up. I decided to throw those lamb ribs on the grill tomorrow. We don't really have any plans and have exhausted our allotted budget for the weekend already. Dinner on Friday and Movie w/snacks and dinner in the evening wiped us out and we are trying to be astute about our spending habits. Our collaboration is not an excuse to pretend we've 'saved' any money unless we actually 'save' some - yah dig? I'll have my usual BBQ pictures.

Peace out!

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